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Technologies and new vehicle in good 3 to 5 years to buy used cars best buy
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Huang is a back office securities company, income is not very high but can easily keep a car. Changsha to think of parents said this year the Chinese New Year, he sprouted the idea of buying a car. However, driving two or three years but few took the opportunity to drive on Own technology that he skeptical, ready to try it first hand to buy a used car. Set his sights on the secondary market, small yellow for two main reasons. He said that first, because Shousheng, inevitable bumps started to drive, buy a new car, touch it would be heartbreaking. Another reason is that he only prepared the 6 Million dollars, enough to buy a new car market, entry-level cars, but he mixed in the securities industry, face the concept of relatively heavy, in the secondary market can buy a decent brand of little models out of work will be more open a "face "Some. Recently, he had time to cruise the secondary market, but also learned many things, concluded that the purchase is more cost-effective models 3-5 years. In general a small yellow learned about the models, used it as a basic business class car handling, the price does not have the advantage. And 3-5 years of car, price is often compared with the new car that can reach to the fold. And the number of years Models, in the case of normal maintenance, vehicle condition is often still good. He believes that the most affordable models 3-5 years, another reason was that in this time period, the most frequent innovation in automotive technology. Huang said the ever-changing automotive technology, out of the car after the engine, suspension system technology Patients often had great breakthrough. But also in appearance, both interior into a more human element and fashion elements. If the engine, the new Vios full facelift VVT-I engine, the new horses added 6 models S-VT, the new An increase of 307 vehicles 2.0 VVT technology to improve low-speed torque output and reduces emissions. Used car appraiser also said that a model with 3-5 years of general appearance, there will be greater and technical innovations, the models after 2005, abs and auxiliary brake system be universal, four-wheel fully independent suspension and other new Technology can be utilized. Such as the eighth generation Accord and Accord than the seventh generation, although the displacement the same, but the maximum engine power, fuel economy and environmental performance and so on are greatly enhanced. Buy used cars this time the most cost-effective. Appraiser to remind consumers, especially the 3-5 year model run 10,000 -2 year thousand kilometers of private cars, official vehicles and commercial vehicles in this period of time or running for three or four hundred thousand kilometers, the subsequent failure rate will gradually Rise, not the special needs of people not to buy the best. Also in the car before the vehicle's license to access are complete, whether the fees in arrears, and whether there are injuries beam, AB column and other key components of a major traffic accident, etc. .
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