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It what the family expenses car that naked car price controls 100 thousand yuan
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Preparation trades the vehicle that price of a naked car controls in 100 thousand yuan now. Although also read many magazines, but should be determined to still not allow really really easy. Car week arrives Zhou Wu is wife goes to work with (the unilateral inside the Chengdu City 6 kilometers) , reach in the evening the family is used on the weekend, now and then run the high speed of 100 kilometers. Divide in the home outside having 1 child, still have an old person, an aunt. A few years the car leaves come down, wife technology is very general still however, and consider to the problem jockeys inside city, still should choose both sides vehicle normally, but was in in the past on the weekend, the necessity that holiday family realizes compartment of a tremendous remaining part deeply with the car, because this is bought this,the car must buy car of a 3 side. The choice object of preliminary consideration has: Interest is taken, Xin Weichi, Yue is moved, Sai Di.

Everybody should hold to 3 basic standards when car of choice illicit home: It is quality good, fault rate is low; 2 it is a technology advanced, save oil quite; 3 it is the individual character demand that accords with the person that buy a car.
One, many people inside course of study think: If tell,the quality of the car is mixed practical, 250 thousand yuan of above had better be car of choice heart department, 250 thousand had better be car of choice day department below. Although this price is done not have necessary those who decide " too accurate " , but overall and character, my approve of this viewpoint. Accordingly, suggest you are in fault rate is low, main the technology is advanced, the day with special oily province ties the option in the car.
2, the quality that sees a car, click this car webpage to go up " grade " , see the J.D.Power grade findings of the established Asia-Pacific company on international, calculate, 45 stars, how much does each car get after all.
3, the safety that sees a car, click this car webpage to go up " safe " , see result of C-NCAP impact test, it is full marks 50 minutes, see each car notch after all how.
4, see main technique, namely: The respect such as engine, gear-box, batholith, automobile body, can be easy to do on the net find out.
5, see sales volume, buy to newsstand " the car guides buy " or in this net below " car work is commented on " medium " market sale " the relevant article in the column.
Oneself suggest you choose to black horse (cheek) amount to.

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