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Model of each level motile guides in the round buy
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Car development already had history of hundred years above, as the progress of social development and workmanship, car this one noun is not tool of simple ride instead of walk already. Of standard of living rise to be reflected not only having eatinging, live above big house, people is searching the article that suits him personality. Also accordingly, the car that each cart factory also makes him in effort is added with the soul, in an attempt to is better the demand that caters to consumer.

Motion is the pursuit with human changeless eternity, be gotten as much by the car of breath of motion of car plant infuse the attention of more consumer, a few are recommended to be the car that sells a site in order to move in each level below, choosing in the future for everybody it is car, certain to when buying a car, can rise help.


Recommend a model: East wind is beautiful 206

Beautiful 206
Beautiful 206

Beautiful beautiful appearance and its motility conform to closes, 1.6L hand is moved can defeat easily inside 10 seconds 100, refresh the record of this one level. Beautiful 206 batholith are solid and dovish, have outstanding drill to charge a sex.

5 block a hand to move smooth-going of transmission shift gears, on urban congested road, go to stop to stop and won't increase overmuch driving fatigue feeling, new now car relatively the manufacturer coachs valence also has relatively substantially privilege, the friend that likes this car mights as well go to agency office looking, perhaps can obtain not little surprise.

Compact class

Recommend a model: Both sides of Chang'an Ford Fox

Fox both sides

In the beginning of appear on the market, people is superior to it hold accuse a gender to be profuse in praise, the batholith that there is media to evaluate Fox in abroad is abysmal, the drill that enough proves this car is outstanding controls capacity. And 4 rounds of independent suspension can assure very tall comfortable sex again. Be born at the C1 batholith with especially big and familial blessing, numerous and excellent model uses this one platform. For example: Wo Erwo C30, S40.

Be like in the competitor forest compact class market, fox is indispensable also depreciating destiny, the price that agency gives out now coachs under the market valence a lot of, can have September small change a paragraph to appear on the market, purchase old fund value now should already sound foundation.
Intermediate car

Recommend a model: The horse amounts to 6 litter to run oneself

Mazda6 litter racing bike

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