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Triumphant jump over HRV to drop broken 80 thousand highest fall 26 thousand pri
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A few days ago, the reporter does not overcome 4S inn to understand from Shanghai car city, because Xin Kai is jumped over

Current, the main color showing a car of 4S inn is silver-colored, blue, white, red 4 kinds of color, because demand is not very big, show car reserve to be not so very enough. Salesperson introduction: If need to book, subscription is 5000-10000 yuan, according to the inventory circumstance of different model, the time that the need that shift a car awaits is the shortest for a week, the longest for a month. Through making an appointment, arrived at 9 o'clock in the morning can enjoy to inn between 4 o'clock afternoon try try drive a service.

Triumphant jumping over HRV is to be in triumphant the exterior of HRV of model of new to automobile body formative on the base that exceed, by be known as " the century designs a Great Master " Qiao Zhiya Luo He bend force makes the drawing office of car of Italy of global dimensions first that he founds. Will jump over as new Che Yue much, the competition of market of both sides car is intense with each passing day, triumphant jump over HRV to get the challenge of many sided.

Xin Kai appeared on the market to be hit more depreciate card, the market impact impact of this pair of HRV is not little also. The market current situation of HRV is so more and more confused also. We can be apparent see, HRV more and more the market that laid the target the youth. Present youth stresses individual character and distinguishing feature, and the car is the best pattern that they show ego. Surround greatly, chair of empennage, bucket and glaring are red, white dichromatic, the incisively and vividly that these characteristics present! Particular price information sees next tables:

On its appearance, truckload model is fluent and mighty, the acute of perforative like nature itself enters temperament, rich move sense energy not to miss sedate atmosphere at the same time. Lively and clever apricot at the moment headlight ray is glaring, abstract the plating chromium at appearance of Oriental and traditional lines model of scale of three-dimensional anaglyph type, simple sense is delicate, reveal original. Marked brand-new and three-dimensional stereo Bie Kehui mark awesomely its go up, inheritance does not overcome familial and luxurious grace wind model. Fu Chong's clever and strong car head modelling, developed the lively disposition with particular HRV and Europe wind glamour properly. HRV motion edition increased empennage, make automobile body is had more move feeling.

Triumphant jump over HRV

Identify triumphant jump over HRV motion edition to be able to say a not needing the slightest effort, in bustling wagon flow, in the crowd that the person station that it is equiping bright-coloured campaign interest to install like walks on in suit change so conspicuous. Triumphant the automobile body rear that jumps over HRV motion edition is added installed the faze with fluent arc to shed empennage, surround automobile body mount the component of motive force of complete set air such as edge of packets of big apron. Pipe of glistening tail of plating chromic exhaust reveals athletic identity oneself, 15 inches of aluminium alloy annulus the strength that spoke of 12 on the circle radiative shape gives itch to try fully, and the belt of two side new configuration of turn light indicator outside rearview mirror also more show make public individual character. Car interior, seat uses motile double color to mix fabrics, and the embroider on the leather face of seat back of a chair has red, Bai Bian " ULTRA " font, all show cycle racing color; Steering wheel and block a black derma capable person that employs red line suture to pledge, match the Fu cover board that the door wall interior trim with copy carbon fiber and much place metal feel intense character, dazzle extremely cruel!
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