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3 kinds of new cars are bought must not, prevent overweight cure
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Give the worry that causes to avoid to buy a flaw, the most important is the checkup that buys a car, the accurate car that is about to buy a car in everybody of this special urge again and again advocate, before buying a car should note, if this ability avoids,buy blemish car only.

One, the car section with too long inventory is not bought

Resemble a person same, in do not have for long any when the activity, the harmonious sex nature of each place meets the body become poor, size defect also can rise to mesa gradually, identical, car also can have the problem of this respect, in the course long backwater is not moved, the ageing that also can cause automobile body works, oxidation, rusty, tire is out of shape, accumulator expires etc.

2, gigantic the car section of a lower the price does not his mind disturbed easily

When car plant is carrying out sales promotion of car fund lower the price, often have its reason and literary quotation, among them the biggest source nothing more than it is the model that spends a particular year, this drag in arrives the problem of stock car, of course because compete intense and undertake depreciate the activity of sales promotion is not listed here.

3, after service and public praise note all the more when buying a car

The stand or fall of car, often can obtain direct test and verify from the use result of the person that use, if use person public praise not beautiful, often its certain sense exists, resembling is to assemble undesirable, car condition to behave not beautiful, after service is bad to wait a moment, these cause in the future worry likely, buying a car is not show off temporarily cheerful, the happy Bei of in the future also is very important, do not become intractable trouble because of the problem after carry out.

In the United States this kind of consumption condition develops quite perfect nation, if citric law will ensure the rights and interests buying a car of consumer,have exclusive law, once consumer buys car of a blemish, these law can ensure the rights and interests of consumer, and the United States rolled out before a few years " car business finalizes the design contracted " , set what to answer on car business bond in the future explicitly account and cannot the item of account, also guarantee the right that consumer should enjoy further, resembling is the subscription that agency must not confiscate consumer again, or the written language that agency cannot use any forms, add in bond note any disclaimer, come to what avoid should lose protect solid responsibility to wait a moment, have safeguard more or less to consuming rights and interests, but consumer still wants special discretion before buying a car. Buying a car after all is an issue that makes a person quite happy, because buy,did not want to get blemish car, and those who build hind of the whole day is vexed with resentment, beautiful money is enjoy and buying is not to look for a blame to suffer.
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