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The surface and contend for Biyadi immanently FRV of nimble of F3R contrast fine
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As the ceaseless development of domestic automobile industry, the concept buying a car of consumer also had relatively substantially change, they had abandoned gradually the preference to 3 side car, the unusual idea that is what only ability of 3 side car says true car is lost after the head, those who replace is the favour to both sides car and attention. And the car of both sides family expenses that can be favorred in market of car of the China inside very long period of time by broad consumer is in joint-stock brand banner basically to fall, but as Biyadi of FRV of F3R He Junjie appear this one phenomenon got breaking, own brand model entered market of litter of both sides home gradually.

Biyadi these two cars are having F3R and FRV of fine horse nimble better one's previous experience, the 2nd big batteries of an out world produces manufacturer, another is having the support carrying force on the head of BMW rearward, can say manufacturer of this two old cars to having in own brand quite tall famous degree. It is this just about, manufacturer of this two old cars also is having bigger competition each other in domestic car market, no matter be,arrive from F3 F6, still arrive from fine horse nimble honour gallop, they are in ceaseless " worry " move the other side, and this both sides throws market of litter of both sides home together, certainly will will be the battle of an a foul wind and a rain of blood. No matter,do not pass " battle " how intense, both sides always can have severally such or in that way weakness and advantage, we reveal this two paragraph cars to differ severally for everybody through contrast today " long arm " with " short costal region " , the hope can be helped from time to tome to car of your your choose and buy.

Biyadi F3R is automatic edition exterior picture
Biyadi F3R

Design of FRV of nimble of the fine horse on the appearance is more excellent, f3R imitates Biyadi the element is more

Arrive without exposition and argumentation which car, believing an appearance is one of respects that everybody pays close attention to most certainly, and in exterior respect these two cars can say is the distinguishing feature that has each each, hand of Luo Zhi of Qiao Zhiya of famous stylist of Italy of out of FRV of fine horse nimble. It continues continue to use the style of fine horse nimble, integral exterior still is being highlighted atmosphere, full these two words. But what as hep as us fine horse nimble differs is, FRV of fine horse nimble did a few bold improvement on the face afore, the grille that take energy of life turns into by perpendicular type perverse form, what headlight also designs is more irregular, more those who accord with a youth is aesthetic. Will look from exterior design, FRV of fine horse nimble can say to one relatively outstanding is designed in domestic car brand, on the appearance it is occupying larger dominant position.
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