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Beijing car city: Batch of fine moon base reachs the age of short duration does
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Kaidilake CTS

Report from our correspondent (reporter Yin Wei) although appear on the market close already 5 months, dan Kaidi draws gram new fund the supply of goods of CTS 3.6L all the time very nervous, beijing area is not had basically show a car, book at present need to await 80 weekday at least, namely 3 months left and right sides. Nevertheless, the 2.8L elite that CTS lowest matchs supply of goods is relatively enough.

CTS 2.8L is luxurious model supply of goods is at present closer also, show a car only black, the others model is booked also need 60 weekday the most quickly, be close to 80 days. And 2.8L elite color is more all ready, white, black, red all have.

The personage expresses Kaidilakeda related inn of world travel 4S, CTS does not have privilege all the time since appear on the market, and the effect that suffers consumption tax to adjust, CTS3.6L before long hind will announce new price, go up probably again on present price foundation tone.

World fine

World fine
World fine

Report from our correspondent (reporter Yin Wei) the reporter learns last week, afterwards appeared on the market in Shanghai area above all on September 3 hind, long Shijia of iron of east wind snow will appear on the market at was in Beijing area on September 13. Nevertheless dealer shows, because source of early days car is closer, world fine will be in by September at the beginning of October just meet batch arrives, still book in order to accept at present give priority to.

As we have learned, each inn already all had Beijing area exhibit a car, but because traffic is restricted,administrative plan will be executed on September 20, what be used at carry goods before this consequently is big board car cannot enter capital temporarily, world fine batch arrives will from September the ability at the beginning of October begins the end.

New fund blessing is overcome this

09 Fox 3 compartment
09 Fox 3 compartment

Report from our correspondent (reporter Yin Wei) the reporter learns from the market last week, new fund Fox will be sold at capital is being entered by September, cash Fox already also began clear library. Still have as a result of cash nevertheless a certain quantity of inventory, the agency of Beijing area has not accept new fund Fox to book.

As we have learned, the cash Fox that at present each parent brings Ford distribute store is odd still 40 go to 50, favourable extent goes to 2000 yuan 1000 yuan than narrowing last month. Dealer of Ford of a Chang'an shows, the new fund Fox that rolls out this will be to change a money greatly, when when inventory digests many 10, meet those who begin to accept new fund Fox book.
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