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Sixty-two thousand eight hundred Beijing opens Fu Kang of spirit wisdom edition
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Sina car dispatch and recently from inn of 4S of Tie Long of east wind snow - Beijing northward Jin Tai learns, for iron of snow of explanation east wind Long Fukang

Fu Kang

Fu Kang

According to introducing, 200 Fu Kangjun will add outfit intelligence to enter a system without spoon, name Fu Kang of spirit wisdom edition consequently. This system is had rise function of window, fortify and function of wireless remote control automatically to wait, market price case is controlled in 5000 yuan. According to introducing, fu Kang of spirit wisdom edition will at arriving next week, divide common Qi Hejin to belong to lacquer two kinds, price mixes sixty-four thousand eight hundred yuan for sixty-two thousand eight hundred yuan respectively, lower than the market minimum price that at present Fu Kang is in Beijing give 5000 yuan.

Classical one: Explanation BMW is classical clever enter a system without spoon

Well-known, intelligence enters a system without spoon is to apply in advanced car exclusive the key, and fasten buy of this one advanced system the car into class A in, solid belong to infrequent. Number of car of inductive type intelligence is electronic-controlled the system has the following function: Enter a function without the key: When the key stands by bodywork, door opens a lock automatically and remove state of alert of guard against theft, at the same time directional lamp twinkles 2 times; When the key leaves bodywork, door is self-locking enter state of alert of guard against theft. Rise window and fortify function automatically: Leave bodywork when the key when 3-5 rice, door is self-locking enter state of alert of guard against theft, car window can rise automatically. Function of wireless remote control: Remote control leaves (close) lock, the car enters guard against theft (remove) state of alert; In addition system more have other function: The remote controller is low n clew, online diagnose, warning function of the mode that omit report, function that find a vehicle, guard against theft. If guard against theft is sparked, criterion the system must cut off the circuit that start and oil path, only guard against theft is removed rear recoverable. The configuration of C level car is applied the car is fastened to go up in class A, the price that the most important is a model already entered range of AO level car inside, this to doting on both sides meddlesome affection is truly for the broad consumer of the model.

Classical 2: Inheritance WRC pulling force surpasses classical drill to accuse

Rich Kang Bingcheng is worn the blood relationship of the coronal military vehicle that WRC pulling force surpasses, its batholith design acceded the elegant demeanour that Paris amounts to pulling force of Er of noise made in coughing or vomiting to surpass several champion, especially Xue Tielong's classical rear wheel is followed move turn to a technology to make its had " tortuous path king " beautiful praise, this technology still is imitated by exert oneself of Japanese high-powered racing bike nowadays. To spirit wisdom? For Fu Kang, cutting an arm ancon close to 70 degrees to bend with the speed of 80km/h is easy to do simply. With respect to this character, still look for the adversary that is less than force of as coequal as its work in domain of both sides car up to now.
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