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Model of 300 thousand the following and panoramic scuttle recommends fairy tale
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Sina car dispatch is become car business people be eager for doing sth closely gaze at this " Jin Jiuyin 10 " when, beijing also should come one year in best season. Dry,crisp air of autumn, festival confused comes, purchase new car just about, drive the good time of go on a journey. Besides the brand, the exterior, motivation, oily bad news, comfortable sex configuration also is the respect that in recent years domestic consumer compares attention when the choose and buy loves a car. Be in this to suit to watch the romantic autumn that the star enjoys the glorious full moon most, open the panoramic scuttle that loves a car slowly below night sky, taste numerous star of the month that admire bright, more can yet be regarded as casts this mortal life one kind blatant, loosen the good method of body and mind. You can consider a delicate model that provides panoramic scuttle, below small make up recommend a few 300 thousand the following panoramic scuttle for you car.

   Car of the most lovely and panoramic scuttle:


The graph is

Double door type is designed, brake of four turntable type, glass does not have casing door, panoramic glass supports forcedly, listening to these appearing that have high-end racing bike only ability some is configured, how to also want to be less than all these to be met unexpectedly " happen " it is only in quantity of a platoon 1, on the satellitic automobile body of 1.1L. Lordling " car of the miniature on market was broken to design structure 4 times on exterior design, use two entrance doors two big adscititious two small design mode, with the tradition small litter photograph is compared, "Lordling " automobile body is a bit short, but wide and have progress high, inside the car deputy drive the space can be rivalled with limousine car, operation, park is more agile also. Forty-six thousand five hundred yuan of prices that have carry out provide allure extremely.

   Car of the most comfortable and panoramic scuttle:


Sa pulls Picasso is the joint-stock model that home provides panoramic scuttle the earliest almost, design of clipper-built full automobile body adds cable car name as finishing general, sending out romantic and artistic breath, high sitting position, tall batholith, bring good line of sight and drive by comfortable sex. Whole department cent discharges an amount two kinds for 1.6L and 2.0L. Panoramic scuttle edition is configured on 2.0L only. Type is opened outside dynamoelectric and panoramic scuttle uses the special glass with thick 5mm, vitreous area is 1.2 square metre, the biggest are spent for 600mm, can enhance the brightness inside the car greatly, make interior space of Picasso appears more clear.
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