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Cost nearly 10 thousand MINI Cooper S Clubman on average to cast protect a guide
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MINI banner issues Cooper S Clubman of top class model and Cooper S to already announced to appear on the market last week, the 38.5 price to 410 thousand yuan also are not low really. To the car advocate for, the most important after buying new car is to choose an insurance company that suits his, the car that it is love last insurance. We pass Beijing area Pacific Ocean, restful, middleman and guarantor below of 3 insurance company cast insurance cost to be used to everybody to make a simple introduction, so that buy a car for you,provide certain reference.

One, main risk is planted reach additional risk to plant charge

In the insurance project that waits for 3 insurance company in Pacific Ocean, restful, middleman and guarantor, compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic is project of a compulsory insurance, and the price is united rectify for 950 yuan. Besides, the car danger project of 3 insurance company keeps basically consistent, but the float with corresponding cost rate constant presence, quote highest, Chinese maintains insurance quote minimum safely in safety among them. Additional, in danger of responsibility of motor vehicle a third party, consumer besides can choose 50 thousand risk, still can choose 100 thousand, 150 thousand, 200 thousand yuan keep the specified number, because this is final,insurance cost can have slight change. Because new car is in those who belong to car manufacturer in the first year,guarantee in limits, so danger of spontaneous combustion loss need not go up. Among quote " not plan avoid compensate " plant nearly, the insurance company after buying be or get out of danger of the consumer after this danger is planted is OK 100 percent compensation, can compensate for according to scale part only conversely.

If pass the insurance representative orgnaization of official authorization to buy car a place difficult of access, the price that can obtain different discount on the foundation of the charge of former guarantee slip is favourable, but should distinguish the acting orgnaization that whether is official authorization, the best customer service telephone that this insurance company dials after checking means to take guarantee slip namely inquires true bogus.

2, the special insurance item that can offer

3 insurance company are offerring with average to plant besides still can provide different add insurance, and consider more considerate change with human nature. Each additional risk is planted the condition of be or get out of danger that considered all sorts of real possibilities are encountered basically, and the additional risk difference of 3 insurance company also relatively close, still want finally to see consumer how choose the special a place difficult of access that he needs to plant. Be like: The danger such as sole loss danger plants ford loss danger, wheel pair of part cars advocate of very useful still point.
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