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Hunan China Express products expand the Audi car replacement activities recom
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The upcoming year-end auto show in 2010, the eve of the warm open Hunan China Express, "Audi used car products recommended" replacement exclusive promotions. Hunan China Express until Audi participation "recommended products" car replacement car activities, will enjoy higher than the closing price of second-hand car market price 3000 car and new car donated 1,000 yuan decorative exclusive promotions. Hunan China Express will help to "used cars Audi products recommended" platform, through the global harmonization of hardware and software systems for customers to build up a reliable trading platform, with standardized assessment and testing systems, and transaction management system, for each bits each transaction the customer to provide excellent exceptional quality assurance, so that consumers buy cars from car dealers to enjoy one-stop integrated trading services, for every one-stop shop to provide a comprehensive and detailed solutions. Our standard services: 1. Used car sales; 2. Used car purchase; 3. TM, to the old for the old; 4. Used car for free evaluation; 5.110 quality testing; 6. Used car site assessment; 7. Audi certified used cars recommended products; 8. Used car refurbishment services; 9. After-sales maintenance services; 10. Spare parts sales and service; Audi Hunan China Express, "recommended products" used car at the same time customers: 1. With the new car customer is equivalent to the customer reception 2. Distinguished test drive 3. Agency procedures for a variety of vehicles to change 4. Insurance Services 5. Repair insurance services extended 6. Audi used car quality finishing 7. Historical maintenance records check 8. National Quality claim service UNPROFOR 9. Returned two days car 10.24 hours roadside assistance
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