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Identify the real problem based on second-hand car bargain bargaining skills ha
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Today, the personal consumption is no longer a used car "family event", more and more consumers use the economy for the car, depreciation losses, increasing awareness of professional issues, used car consumer is becoming a common sexual conduct, in particular young users beginning to recognize the economic benefits second-hand car, while a growing number of manufacturers launched a series of used cars for the support and promotion of the formation of the industry's rapid and healthy growth. Many people buy second-hand car is often the first car, the experience of buying a new car did not mention the purchase of used cars, in addition to integrity, quality issues, consumers are most concerned about is the price of used cars, new cars as used car is different from the , the price of a certain "water", how to bargain has become difficult for consumers to understand the "trade laws." Bargain is often more than 10% abnormal Buy used cars and clothing are not in the wholesale commodity market, price is not too much water, according to long-term data analysis, dealers tend to price and the final sale price will not exceed 10%. Experts said that as the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, used car prices, increasing transparency, similar to the situation of second-hand car prices are often similar, well-known brand dealers used car profit is about 5%, so consumers bargain still generally less than 10% is more reasonable, if the dealer's final offer more than 10% margin of preference, is often the vehicle in a number of issues or incomplete procedures. Only basis to find bargain real problem Marketing manager of a used-car industry, said the past few years significantly decreased the profits of used cars, consumers bargain levels significantly increased, generally only consumers in the engine, transmission, vehicle will be the key procedures to identify problems areas have a greater The ones who enjoy the whole procedure is often a good vehicle in used car prices relatively strong, the price will not be much water, you pay for. Their company is mainly engaged in quality used cars, vehicles for every one sold 5,000 km and three-month quality assurance, often no more than 3% profit sharing. Will find more reasonable prices compared Consumers in the formal market to buy used car quality is guaranteed, and often only need to find "the most reasonable price", the experts suggested that more consumers in the market around, compare prices of similar used cars are trying to chop bargain, and my heart the price of a basic bottom line, and then comparison of results, do not blindly optimistic about the car bent to cut in the end, he said that many consumers are coming back through the comparisons of vehicles to buy their company, because this time consumers start from the purchase of vehicles the "impulse" to become "reason", so bargain in order to "Know thyself." Look under the laws of the market decide the number of supply and demand Now there is no absolute second-hand car users tend to choose the brand and model, funds are generally used to measure the scope of the purchase of vehicles, such as the user wants to use the 4 years 5 million to buy the EFI model, then the choice of car type more, Sail, Beverly, Maxima, Palio, Gore, Jetta, Santana, and so are within the scope option, then in the case of difficult choices available in the market to see, under normal circumstances where a more relative to the number of vehicle inventory more easy to form a situation of supply exceeding demand, the price is reasonable at this time, not necessarily "hang in a tree", with the least money to buy the best car to understand the laws of the market. There are tricks to buy time Consumers to buy second-hand car should have some time to consider, it also has some tips. Such as the annual May Day, November, after the Spring Festival holiday season will be a certain price will be slightly lower. In mid-May each year to early September are "hot off-season" prices will be cheaper this year, the end result of the new car used car prices and lowering the price is relatively good time. Buy used cars daily passenger flow at the weekend as more price slightly higher, after the car can be optimistic about price negotiations with the dealer again, this space will be slightly larger than the number of profit sharing.
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