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Beautiful 207 - - take the lead in rolling out 3 compartment " Chinese edition "
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207Brasil, will be homebred the prototype of 207

Expand of the market increasingly as China, more and more transnational corporation begin to have a change according to the characteristic of Chinese consumer, roll out Chinese edition new car. What day of afterwards east wind produces is new sounds of nature

Last at European market formerly listless, PSA has begun to realize the significant position of the rising market that includes China inside, east wind of this China edition is beautiful of 207 roll out, mean the market focus of PSA future to will be transferred stage by stage.

   Take the lead in rolling out 3 compartment " Chinese edition "

Weather vane sends an in-house personage to be opposite east " daily of the first finance and economics " express, brand-new 3 compartment will be rolled out formally this year homebred east wind is beautiful 207.

The Wuhan place agency with beautiful east wind confirms to the reporter subsequently, according to exact message, homebred edition east wind is beautiful 207 3 compartment already entered batch stage of production at present, the base will appear in October, at the beginning of November appear on the market formally sale. Agency still discloses, to next year spring, east wind is beautiful will continue to roll out edition of 207 both sides, make thereby homebred the 207 whole set models that fashion 3 compartment and wing-rooms on either side of one storey house.

It is reported, beautiful 207 it is the model with beautiful and familial the at present largest sales volume, europe of annual rate preexistence appears on the market before, european sales volume was as high as 430 thousand last year, exceed the masses golf

Nevertheless, of this home edition beautiful 207 with European edition 207 not same, "Of domestic edition 207 it is the 3 compartment series of 207, this is beautiful car is China, Brazil and prospective Russia and southeast Asia technically to wait to have the market of the preference to 3 side car. " yesterday, weather vane sends pair of reporter explanations to say east, "East wind is beautiful be aimed at home market preference the characteristic of 3 side car, to overseas edition beautiful 207 undertook mainland is changed transform. To overseas edition beautiful 207 undertook mainland is changed transform..

It is reported, homebred east wind is beautiful 3 compartment 207 it is European edition beautiful 207 with 206

2006, after weather vane sends 206 both sides to take the lead in entering home market east, the French model of original gets for a time of consumer chase after hold in both hands, lunar sales volume is felt for a time control 3000 high, but just meet subsequently market of Chinese small-sized car is small fan, east wind is beautiful 206 begin by the market desolate, the data that comes from association of Chinese car trade shows, this year first half of the year, 206 sales volume are fifteen thousand five hundred, fall compared to the same period amount to 42% .
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