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China morning BMW new generation of 9 years of put into production 5 departments
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On September 4, equestrian car limited company held Hua Chenbao to establish celebration 5 years, shenyang factory also witnessed car of the 100 thousandth BMW to sail next product line. In celebration spot, according to Liaoning province vice-governor Mr Liu Guojiang introduces, BMW of morning of next year China the new model that put into production a code name is F18. Occupy in-house personage additionally to divulge, the model of code name F18 is new generation BMW 5 fasten

Although leave,appear on the market formally to still have not short time, but relevant espionage is illuminated reach a hypothesis to pursue already in succession exposure, next generation BMW can see on the picture the model design of 5 departments is already downy many, resemble current 5 departments model no longer in that way edges and corners is trenchant.

Wake most nevertheless the car of BMW CS concept that purpose or place of part of the face before its draw lessons from designs an element, this also makes brand-new generation BMW 5 departments more the miniature edition that resembling is 7 departments car. Pass a picture to be able to see, this car is older medicinal powder hot grille and radian are more fruity before light, with brand-new 7 departments car is very alike in spirit; And its taillight is designed criterion more make public, the design with 3 departments model is very similar.

New car will include engine of benzine of pressure boost of 2 litres of engine of benzine of pressure boost of 3 litres of double turbine, double turbine and 4.4 litres mixture in dynamical system respect dynamical V8 engine. Although the output power of current 4.8L V8 engine has achieved 360hp(to add up to 268 kilowatt) about, but the output power that the hearsay shows engine of pressure boost of turbine of a 4.4L V8 will be achieved or exceed 400 Hp(to add up to 298 kilowatt) about, return the news that whether is replaced without 4.8L V8 engine at present.

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