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Ⅱ acting horse amounts to old horse of put into production of 6 the end of the
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New horse amounts to model of 6 whole departments oneself

New horse amounts to model of 6 whole departments oneself

2 horses drive AB sweep the deck

Put into production of 6 the end of the year announced Ⅱ acting horse on September 8 name an old horse 6 continue to sell

This print journalist Tian Ying

Continue " ZOOM, ZOOM " the Ⅱ acting horse that designs a concept 6 after appearing on Frankfurt car to exhibit, its are homebred the plan is brought so that countless cars confuse raise one's head and look to expect. Recently, the reporter amounts to know of sale limited company oneself from one steam horse, homebred Ⅱ acting horse 6 will at the put into production end this year, the mystery that its name also will be announced on September 8.

In be being held for more sufficient ground market of advanced car fractionize, more thorough ground spins the product line of Ma Zida brand, one steam horse amounts to a decision to take the place of in homebred Ⅱ oneself horse 6 put into production while, do not stop cash horse the manufacturing sale of 6, let this " 2 horses " keep abreast of on car city, contend for the market share of car of class of A, B. (Read to go to the lavatory, horse of the following cash 6 all abbreviation is an old horse 6)

  The explore below the old horse attacks A dominant position apparent

Since this year, the horse takes the place of about Ⅱ between Beijing car exhibition period especially 6 will after homebred view comes out, the old horse on each district market the price of 6 appears frequently adjust. Analytic personage thinks, one steam Ma Zida is worn early the hand is modelled " old horse " the figure of killer of class A car.

Current, although the manufacturer guidance price of 6 cars department is in the horse one hundred and seventy-nine thousand eight hundred ~24.68 10 thousand yuan, but the market clinchs a deal actually valence is in one hundred and fifty-three thousand eight hundred ~21.98 10 thousand yuan. The old horse after depreciating 6 in it may be said of market of high end of class A car it is sexual price than extremely tall popular commodities. Such adjustment it is Ⅱ acting horse on one hand 6 appear on the market obligate larger market space, also be one steam horse amounts to the method of a kind of competition for occupational and more portion oneself additionally.

Old horse 6 score market of class A car to have very large dominant position. This car is in performance of automobile body dimension, power, hold accuse to experience, the adversary of the respect such as exterior modelling and measure of level of market of class A car people photograph comparing, can draw the look of more consumer really. Next its explore let Yue move, Xin Kai more

The personage inside course of study is analysed, old horse 6 current tone price are merely begin, as Ⅱ acting horse of 6 homebred appear on the market, new round sale fight is sure more intense. And in those days, the price is opposite not just old horse 6, acting to homebred Ⅱ horse 6 for it is extremely important.
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