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Hand of 2.0L of edition of two drive city moves CR-V archives appears on the mar
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Hand of 2.0L of edition of two drive city moves CR-V archives

East wind of sina car dispatch this cropland car limited company (Honda)CR-V of east wind of the following abbreviation

From 2003 the company holds water up to now, east wind Honda becomes long, the latercomers surpass the formers quickly, successive 3 years sales volume amplitude exceeds 100% , brand value is on front row in intermediate car market, the first place is on in SUV market, already entered Chinese car brand the first a group of people of same interest; End now, already built 204 engage by special arrangement to sell service store, form the sale that spreads all over the whole nation to serve a network. When the company holds water 5 years, east wind Honda passes on a client with a variety of means, be thankful society. On July 16, 2008, CIVIC

Appear on the market spot picture

Regard Chinese market as the first SUV that faces a city, since CR-V put China on the market 4 years in April oneself, the sales volume champion of high-grade SUV in be on for a long time. In April 2007, new CR-V appears on the market sale, 3 when already achieved SUV market and even automobile industry up to now " most " : Of sales volume most -- end by August, already accumulative total sells 93469, sales volume of before this year 8 months 52639, month all sales volume 6580, still maintaining the appearance of sell like hot cakes that demand exceeds supply up to now, become SUV market to not have but the first brand of compare. Safe most -- achieve 50.6 minutes by right of total cent up to now the best achievement in C-NCAP, obtain exceed assess of 5 stars safety. Save oil most -- use system of timely four-wheel drive, hold <> concurrently mix through the gender the province is oily, changed the traditional impression of bad news of SUV tall oil, stand proudly SUV Che Lin, scenery alone good!

Current, to satisfy the requirement of client of order of 8000 O rank, the factory is working overtime have production, 240 thousand produce can extend also is undertaking in order. East wind Honda is using up all likelihoods to ensure the client can shift a car as soon as possible. Meanwhile, pass on for sincerity broad and loving the client at CR-V, satisfy the two drive demand that urban SUV increases increasingly, contented client to driving the pursuit of fun, east wind Honda will appear on the market in the whole nation since today two drive of sale CR-V 6 fast hands move city edition archives car.

Two drive of CR-V 6 fast hands move city edition archives car holds to CR-V " how, annulus, province, happy " fine quality, mutual goatsucker black, taffeta is silver of white, snowflake, crystal violet 4 color, adopt the G-CON safety bodywork with particular Honda technology, continued CR-V " exceed 5 stars " safe character. 2.0L I-VTEC engine adopts fuel to burn completely control system and efficient exhaust purify a system, below integrated operating mode, oily bad news is 100 kilometers 8.4L only. 6 fast hands use gearshift system, file is stirred in contented hand comfortable use easily, the person that promotion drives holds the premise that accuses fun to fall, gearshift is smooth, answer quick, make car is held accuse to answer more acute, also more the province is oily.
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