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Ford Ka will roll out model of much money succeed
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Ka ST of Ford new fund
A real war battle will start shooting, after afterwards rolls out the Ford Ka model of common edition, ka ST of its motion edition and model of Ka CC of open sail edition also will be rolled out.

Ford will roll out model of new fund Ka ST, this car inheritance the style of Sportka of model of the generation on its, the driver appeal to beg the model style confluence with vogue to be together. Of model of Ford new Ka ST roll out will be faced with the market to go up a lot of the competition that is the same as scale model, be like Feiyate's Abarth 500, still have the Renaultsport Twingo 133 that comes from Reynolds car in addition.

Ka ST of Ford new fund
The automobile body line of model of Ford new Ka ST copied Xinjia time, configured the around bumper of wide wheelhouse arch and motion. Alveolate reachs contest spoke to appear to also be worn in declare publicly into gas grille this car not the motivation of common, in addition this car still configured skirt of hub of much spoke alloy, side and double tail gas to discharge a canal to wait.

Railroad car interior, ford Ka model will be used relatively the adornment material of high quality, to highlight the athletic characteristic of this car further, this car still configured athletic seat, blue cummerbund was used among seat.

Edition of sail of Ford Ka open
Model of new Ford Ka ST will share same chassis with Abarth 500, use more hard bedspring and damping system, rapidder steering gear reachs the brake system that improves through upgrading. Accordingly, this car is having very strong catch soil fertility and nimble drill to charge a sex, but this is not serve as cost by the experience with sacrificing to be driven goodly.

Still not be clear that the dynamical system of this car is configured at present, but the Ka model as a result of Ford and Feiyate 500 shared a lot of parts, the 1.4L that consequently Ka ST model will carry Abarth 500 model probably to go up engine of pressure boost of 4 crocks of turbine. This means the power of the least output of this car to add up to 101 kilowatt) about for 135bhp(, cong Jing stops to arrive quickly 97 kilometers / the time that hour place needs does not exceed 8 seconds, highest speed per hour can achieve 125 miles / hour (add up to 201 kilometers about / hour) , the tail gas of carbon dioxide is discharged for every kilometer 150 grams.
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