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Bin Yue blocks carry out 12.28-15.27 automatically exposure of 10 thousand yuan
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The Jiang Huai that gets attention fully - Bin Yue blocks a model automatically to will appear on the market formally at the near future, already accepted in the round at present book. Recently, website of city of the car on the net was in place of personage of interior of car of river the Huaihe River to get Bin Yue blocks the specific price of the model automatically, 3 models all discharge an amount for 2.0L, the price is respectively: 2.0 AT economy one hundred and twenty-two thousand eight hundred yuan, 2.0 AT luxurious edition one hundred and forty-one thousand seven hundred yuan, edition of 2.0 AT homage one hundred and fifty-two thousand seven hundred yuan. In the meantime, we also got the specific configuration of luxurious edition and homage edition, economy configuration still does not have exact message at present.

One, safe equipment

Although this personage did not offer Bin Yue to block the technical parameter of the model automatically, but besides quality of reorganize and outfit, 0, 100 kilometers quicken time and top speed and 2.0L hand to move block model photograph to compare outside be being distinguished somewhat, other does not have big change. On safe equipment configuration is abounded quite, common double safe gasbag, ABS, back a car radar can block automatically in Bin Yue find on the body.

2, peripheral equipment

In automobile body peripheral equipment respect, bin Yue is automatic the rearview mirror outside blocking those who deployed dynamoelectric adjustment to be able to heat, and height is dynamoelectric adjust before the luxurious configuration such as headlight. Bright argent door is protected it is homage edition particular, build luxurious feeling.

3, interior equipment

Jiang Huai - Bin Yue blocks fixed position automatically to use a car at public business affairs, interiorly configures respect nature to also want to accord with its to locate. Intelligence is automatic air conditioning, 8 to dynamoelectric and adjustable the luxurious configuration such as seat of calf of driver seat, advanced entrance and system of entertainment of DVD image sound all appears in Bin Yue to block configuration automatically in detailed list.

4, convenience equipment

And inside buy type is dynamoelectric DVD of liquid crystal of independence of navigation system of satellite of scuttle, GPS, back row shows temperature of screen, inside and outside shows, according to footlights, advocate deputy driver's seat is taken make up lens sunshade board wait for convenience equipment to make Bin Yue automatic block accomplished configuration to abound not only, also showed superhigh sex price to compare at the same time.
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