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Dimension is increased - motive force is more powerful BMW is new 3 departments
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As BMW 3 departments the 5th acting small model changing a money appears on the market in European area, its are homebred the pace that change also draws near increasingly. To this, controller of China morning BMW expresses, at present the BMW factory of Liaoning is undertaking new production of 3 departments trial assembly, will appear on the market formally in January next year sale. Although from apparently look, the 3 change that fasten the 5th acting small model changing a money are not apparent, but the change with new fund model and more substaintial than having a few however photograph of old money model. Go up in engine function especially, photograph of new fund model had apparent promotion than old money model, we let understand together below.

One over all dimension: Small model changing a money is longer wider

The wheelbase of model of new old fund all is 2.76 meters, the length of model of new nevertheless fund compares lengthen of old money model 11 millimeter. Part of the bumper after this basically reflects part of the bumper before be turn for afore and rear wheel to arrive, the around bumper design of the addition that car height spends and new fund model has particular concern.

In addition the automobile body width of two models is identical, advanced nevertheless rear wheel is apart from photograph of model of respect new fund to compare old money model somewhat broaden, among them front-wheel drive broaden 6 millimeter, rear wheel is 20 millimeter.

Although around tread somewhat broaden, but interiorly is transverse on dimension two models are identical however, space of ministry of shoulder of in front of is 1.46 meters, space of ministry of back row shoulder is 1.454 meters.

2 engine: Motivation of small model changing a money promotes 335i to distribute engine of double turbine pressure boost in the round

320i of 1. new fund compares old money (homebred) 320i motive force is more powerful

System of engine of model of new fund 320i still is 4 crocks of engine of 2 litres of level. Cylinder job cubage is 1995 milliliter, but the engine attune of new fund model teachs photograph comparing homebred model is more at present open, most high-power and the biggest torque promoted 10 units, top speed and 100 kilometers acceleration also can be new fund model more get the better of one prepare.
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