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Athletic function promotes the masses - new fund leaves enlighten next month app
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Mention one steam popular leaves enlighten, a lot of people won't feel unfamiliar, first Gao Ding that serves as home is muti_function car, leave enlighten since appearing on the market 2005 oneself, its market performance owes beautiful somewhat all the time, this is brought about directly enlighten final decision exits home market. However, this is not affected enlighten of overseas welcome degree. Recently, masses Motor Corporation announces to push new fund to leave enlighten model, appear on the market in next month sale.

Masses new fund leaves enlighten deployed alloy hub and inferior before faze flows board, and of this car before fog lamp also is handled through plating chromium. Additional, new fund leaves enlighten before bumper, outside rearview mirror and caudal faze flow board all be the same as color with automobile body.

New fund leaves enlighten be about to appear on the market in next month sale, roll out before Jiashangzhi " nautical edition " and " camp model " , enlighten series model can satisfy customer the demand of each respect. Enlighten nautical edition adds the ladder that installed to be exactly like You Lun step in car rear, still add in flank and rear besides matched woodiness to decorate, it is an organic whole with the be in harmony of You Lun style of this car fitly; And the aluminium alloy rack of outfit is added all round edge roof more resembling is the crawl on board, most propbably can have a lot of people to hope to enjoy sunshine here.

Enlighten the appearance designs concise guileless but platform of out house PQ35, laser of whole automobile body solders, on the space everything with practical for jumping-off place. Safe configuration abounds forehead double gasbag, side gasbag, ABS and TCS(traction control) it is standard configuration, the ASR that still mark matchs defends slippery system quickly, can assure car to be stabilized in what go up urgently with wet slippery road surface quickly.

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