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The face is exactly like 10 acting EVO before intelligence agent of blue heart o
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The first model that by Japan car of 3 water chestnut and French PSA group develop jointly - Ou Lade EX has been sold in home have period of time, at present this car whole department all can give out 12 thousand yuan cash is favourable. And model of class of 2.4 litres of introductions, because the problem of relevant formalities is in Beijing,cannot go up temporarily card. Recently, the reporter understands: Metaphase is small the Ou Lade of 3 water chestnut that changes a money is undertaking a road try at present, we let understand together below.

Through the picture we can see, the change of blue heart of Europe of 3 water chestnut basically centers new fund advanced face and headlight area. The reveals a place of 10 acting EVO to use echelon big mouth with the already apparent design of the grille that take energy of life is designed, this also is the newest and familial style that modelling of 3 water chestnut designs.

The change of blue heart of new fund Europe in the respect such as automobile body dimension is not big, the new chassis that this model will continue to use 3 water chestnut of Japanese and French PSA group to be developed jointly is a foundation, have 3 water chestnut with " Pajieluo " and cross-country technology mixes famous 4 drive to attend world car relay for a long time " Lancer Evolution " those who use is electronic-controlled 4 drive technology is core.

The high-powered, low oily cost that Ou Lande EX carried new development, low 3 litres of discharged V6 MIVEC(are alterable spiracle when structure) engine, most high-power 162kW/6250rpm, 276N•m/4000rpm of peak value torque. Those who match is new-style 6 fast automatic transmission, used can control 4WD system according to the electron of means of drive of switch of travel circumstance freedom.

(Edit Deng Xi)

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