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One steam Xiali replaces Tianjin model 2009 spring come out
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The graph is 09 Tianjin one steam power annals car

In former days with economy car build up " upstart " the stern test that facing the market, seek the decay to high-quality goods car or higher level product. Tianjin one steam is one of car business that changing this kind in active seek, this company plans to roll out 9 new models in succession before 2010, promote a product competition ability in the round.

Attack on economy Che Yuesheng

The power annals that before the model includes this, these had rolled out

This Zhou Yi, one steam sells Tianjin large area is presiding south company China executive manager Wang Lixin discloses when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, be in about next year 3, April, tianjin one steam replaces those who roll out Xiali the model " , include both sides and 3 compartment model, platoon quantity mixes 1.1 litres for 1 litres. Bark expresses: ? of Xing Mu of brightness Pai of square  of target captive  is to replace a model completely. ? of Xing Mu of brightness Pai of square  of target captive  is to replace a model completely..

09 when upgrade through the technology power annals already appeared on the market at this week declare. According to introducing, power annals still will be rolled out upgrade replacement product.

Xiali is finished with power annals after upgrading, will indicate one steam finishs a Tianjin the preliminary promotion of product arrangement of ideas. Xiali ever fill home car is blank, be based on Xiali platform subsequently, tianjin steam rolls out power appearance again

In addition, one steam returns Tianjin will product line by A0 class to class A outspread. Wang Lixin says, the new model lieutenant general that is about to roll out has length of an automobile body to amount to 4.5 meters class A car. One steam Xiali (000927.SZ) Dong Bi also introduced to our newspaper reporter a few days ago, the new base that one steam is building Tianjin will be after two years put into production 1.6 litres of models, this will be to compare existing product " a bit larger new model " . This one model may be class A car.

Nevertheless, one steam expresses Tianjin, regard the research and development of economy of one steam bloc car as base, pass product promotion, will carry out its further " car Great Master " strategic goal, this indication economy car, car will still be the key of position of product of this company future.

400 thousand targets are constant

Tianjin this week still says one steam, the company will still come true hard 2010 produce and sale 400 thousand target, build product line to cover much level platform, have home to lead new base of the domestic economy of competition ability of force, international car. Current, one steam produces Tianjin can 230 thousand, overseas market plans to produce can 100 thousand, the Hua Li that buys before this 150 thousand projects are about to star building.
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