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Dynamoelectric MINI Cooper appeared in November without vent-pipe - espionage re
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The BMW MINI Cooper S that just appears on the market in home at the near future, in abounded MINI brand range of products while, also make what compatriots appreciated heart type one time " S " amorous feelings. And BMW is about to exhibit in los angeles car those who roll out " green " edition is dynamoelectric MINI Cooper, believe to also will keep deep memory to people.

We can be in according to coming from abroad media one piece the Munich headquarters of BMW, the espionage of dynamoelectric MINI Cooper that films is illuminated will shift to an earlier date small peep this new car. How can you see so is it pure dynamoelectric MINI? In fact apparently, of this test car rear discharge a canal without tail gas, and return caudal mark to have " Hybrid Test Vehicle " indicative. Presiding apparitor Norbert Reithofer expresses BMW, dynamoelectric MINI Cooper will be exhibited at the los angeles car this year November in appear.

Because used mixture motivation science and technology and technology of advanced lithium battery management, batteries to balance a system, the highest speed per hour of completely dynamoelectric Mini Cooper can be achieved (80mph) 128km/h, 0~60 mile need 6 seconds only quickly achievable. Finish after charging, completely dynamoelectric Mini Cooper is feasible sail 120 miles (192 kilometers) .

(Edit Liu Xiaoya)

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