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1 million be born day of miraculous east wind produces flower of strange fine ho
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On September 19, 2008 morning, East wind day is producedGuangzhou is spent factory, a concise and enthusiastic new car gets offline the ceremony is held ceremoniously. East windDay is producedBy vise general manager of the company that use a car Ren Yong announces: Suffer expectant east wind day to produce new generation fullyStrange fine horse(X-TRAIL) get offline formally, this indicates day produces an east wind after establishing 3 months 5 years cross Chinese automobile industry formally " 1 million clubs " , new " east wind day produces rate " will produce with east wind day march in the roundSUVThe market and again refresh.

Since strange fine horse of new in March 2007 generation appears on Geneva car formally to exhibit, this day produces the eager attention that when advanced SUV guides home caused industry and consumer in classical city. By August, east wind day is produced release homebred information formally, on September 19, new generation strange fine horse namely brand-new appear, intense rhythm showed east wind day is produced march the determination of SUV market and strength.

   Hale style, reveal trend trend

New generation strange fine horse continued to go up the design style of Founder of generation model hale and hearty, do not break below straightforward appearance grace and savour, yang Gang's concise design criterion more show individual character make public. On the appearance, the from beginning to end that used an integral whole surrounds a design, atmosphere is grave; Day produces classical SVU face before facial modelling, bully energy of life is strong. In maintain generation while the strength with strange concise, Founder, full, elegant fine horse feels, new generation strange fine horse joined more vogue to design an element. Look, common before rectangular headlight changed lively echelon headlight; Passion of lumbar side line is fluent, two side provided headlight extremely once upon a time the full flank that strength feels begins, outspread be well versed in arrives car end; The column of X modelling D with new generation strange particular fine horse is perfect joined whole bedding face accumulates side window and vermeil exalted buy columnar taillight, the fluent line that makes whole vehicle flank reachs a rear holds concurrently a hale and hearty and elegant and idiosyncratic; Classical roof rack is withheld, the floodlight of upper part and rack be in harmony are an organic whole, cruel feeling effect of dye-in-the-wood, illume is exceedingly good.
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