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To beautiful 307 dress brand-new 207 predict to entered China in November (graph
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Sales volume tightens spruce small-sized car market, let PSA(beautiful Xue Tielong) group savor benefit. East wind is beautiful 206 once push to the market, obtained the result of arrogant person in small-sized car domain. Although 206 push to the market before long, abroad replaces a model with respect to what had released it 207, explanation of beautiful at that time controller says the content of science and technology of 207 is too high, the cost after introducing is exorbitant, lost competition ability to manufacturer.
Beautiful 207
Beautiful 207

Competition of Chinese car market is intense, manufacturer knows very well this is nodded. "Lion growl " edition 3 compartment 307 with the 307 both sides that appear on the market subsequently well confirm this. East wind mark looks to send again after a few years however 206, originally beautiful beautiful modelling also as time elapse slowly desalt.

Good news is transmitted, PAS wants brand-new and beautiful 207 take east wind beautiful and homebred, hearten of enough of this one message " lion is confused " people heart. Good nevertheless news always is accompanying a bad news, predict to take the lead in introducing 207 for 3 compartment version, subsequently ability can introduce both sides edition. Look love the people of lionet of former juice raw ingredient to wait for a few days again even.

Dimension of 207 automobile body compares 206 promotion many, full-length 4003 millimeter, wide 1720 millimeter, tall 1470 millimeter, wheelbase was to achieve 2540 millimeter more, had approached the level of class A car.

Most what appear on the market first is beautiful 207 predict to will appear on the market November this year, on the appearance with old money 206 is having clear distinction. The biggest change comes from the end wing that adds at how, the 3 compartment edition that takes the lead in appearing on the market in Brazil 207 estimation are homebred the prototype of 207.

Brand-new and beautiful 207 before the face has clear beautiful and familial color, like the edition of 307 big mouths that sells now, mark 207 also opened big mouth, wallop is provided more on modelling.

If be pressed really,predict in that way, this embattle will make east wind beautiful in small-sized car layout more perfect, 206 with 3 compartment the 207 battle arrays that will perfect beautiful and small-sized car, next reoccupy both sides 207 replace 206, complete new old alternant already figuration.

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