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Ding Lei: From make to total value catenary perfect and outspread

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Always contribute Li An is decided

Shanghai is general it is the joint ventures that Chinese car line of business is worth to pay close attention to. 10 years ago, shanghai is general one-time investment 1.5 billion dollar, reach the designated position in one pace build general whole world the most advanced factory while, synchronism introduces extensive inferior center of technical research and development, initiated transnational corporation to be in China joint-stock the beginning that builds base of car research and development.

Century of the first Bie Kexin end 1998 gets offline, above of great capacity is current the 2nd acting joint ventures that is a delegate, it is no longer foreign antiquated product takes China. General the synchronism of deluxe model in overcoming new century to regard as is introduced, also shook the position of the person be offerred exclusively that Ao Di regards high-grade official as the car, drive one steam masses to guide technology of advanced Ao Di A6, whole of Chinese car line of business made a level go up a step.

Shanghai is general the mode of sale of complete set market that returns a hundred years current success takes China, in network of brand, market, public relations, service, dealer, two handcart, and even the respect such as finance is done having sth new. For Chinese car line of business from master contemporary car to make a technology, then to what commercialize total value catenary outspread made start sexual work. Also provided field of system of talent, technology, management, component to the own brand development of Shanghai and even China prop up.

Already just was no longer right now in " pupil " , in waiting, Hu Maoyuan, Chen Hong, Ding Lei just managed a group to accumulate rich management and technical experience in cooperating with the Motor Corporation that cross a state. ; of the wisdom of person of car of new generation China after showing reforming and opening, foresight, bedrock, sense of responsibility and initiate the world top-ranking car company and found the enterprise of the own brand that has international level.

Shanghai current project from negotiation, construction, make, the respect such as field of development of strategy of sale, much brand, product, new energy resources, had created in Chinese car line of business numerous can encircle the successful case that can order, shanghai is general become even general in the whole world the most successful, expand the rapiddest business.

Especially commendable is Shanghai general form " cooperative win-win " company culture, unlike generation joint ventures, execute " 7 bottles 8 bottles " fight philosophy; also is not later in a few joint ventureses, foreign Shanghai of so strong; is general from at the beginning of building, put forward " everything is attached most importance to with the joint ventures " company culture core, this also is Shanghai general become one of companies with Chinese car the most successful line of business, be in 3 years in the foundation of the be the champion in countrywide car sales volume continuously.

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