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Mengdiou is sent in getting the better of the government to depreciate, collecti

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The graph is Meng Di Europe

Not long ago, chang'an Ford horse amounts to the government to announce oneself reduce Mengdiou

Personage of the analysis inside course of study points out, before because send,getting the better of this in the market clinch a deal actually the price level after the price has moved price under this government, and send get the better of in in force of advanced car market is finite, and cropland of abundant of the Guangzhou before this is answered " antitrust law " in unlocking pair of home be the acknowledged leader of advanced car market person Kaimeirui

The reporter sold a company to understand in car of Beijing area part recently, send oneself get the better of after depreciating, advanced car is practical in most mainstream clinch a deal the price has appeared relatively dive substantially, favourable extent already all exceeded 10 thousand yuan. Relevant personage thinks, current in because domestic car market is big this year,concussion of advanced car market is environmental be caused by, with some the sale policy of specific model has nothing to do.

The graph is picture of data of model of triumphant beauty luck


Interval of firm proposal retail price: One hundred and ninety-seven thousand eight hundred reach two hundred and sixty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan

  Depreciate extent: 23 thousand yuan

As the hawkish delegate of advanced car city in home, kaimeirui's price before this all the time very strong, it is even inside very long period of time, still need to add valence to buy. But from this year since 2 quarters, last as the condition of domestic car city low fan, kaimeirui's sale although still dovish, but growth momentum already showed exhausted state slightly, according to relevant data statistic, kaimeirui sold 10165 in all in August. From Guangzhou Feng Tian unlocks Kaimeirui since price control, favourable extent of Kaimeirui maintains basically was in 20 thousand yuan or so. When the reporter had market research recently, dealer shows, kaimeirui's current favourable range is 23 thousand yuan, if entrust agency to handle the relevant project such as insurance for you, favourable extent still can increase further.

The graph is picture of data of model of the 8th acting elegant cabinet

The 8th generation is elegant cabinet

Interval of firm proposal retail price: One hundred and eighty-one thousand eight hundred reach three hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan

Depreciate extent: 18 thousand yuan

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