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3 heat car changes an old money model to all be inside year 8 fold sell

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In 8 years of second half of the year besides brand-new besides tens of paragraph models that appear on the market, the new fund of a few existing models also will appear on the market at the same time. Among them masses of this Guangzhou cropland, one steam and 3 Chang'an Ford is subordinate popular models appear conspicuous all the more, as them respective model changing a money appears on the market the drawing near of date, the extent yielding benefit of 4S inn respect also begins to reach highest peak.

Sai Di changed this 1. Guangzhou field in November the paragraph appears on the market

Extent of cash model privilege: 8.2-8.6 is folded

Reporter from Guangzhou this cropland 4S inn understands, brand-new Sai Di exhibits the Guangzhou car that kicked off on November 18 this year on appear, and active in the old money of carry out Sai Di's price also appeared to drift. The Guangzhou that at present consumer is in Beijing area buys 08 Sai Di to fasten a model to all can enjoy cash privilege completely inside this cropland 4S inn, among them the favourable amount that top of 1.5L Sai Di matchs a model already amounted to 22 thousand yuan, be equal to former model price 82 fold.

08 Sai Di are divided maintained consistent " safe, environmental protection, energy-saving " outside prominent dominant position, no matter experience from impressions,drive by experience, still design parameter air officer from the spare parts, will " comfortable " with " draw an interest " perfect union, become more press close to lives " car of family of city of advanced • high grade • " , become those " self-confident, seek the achievement sense on the career, know enjoy with family happiness lives " the optimal choice of people. In addition, 08 Sai Di also undertook on interior trim more the design that human nature changes: The concentration that increased driver's seat side controls door lock, more convenient, safe; Deployed AUX interface at the same time, can make an user comfortable enjoy the music that like, build the atmosphere inside cheerful car; Back row seat used the headrest with adjustable height, ensure adequately of the user take comfortable sex.

New treasure of one steam masses comes to 2. to appeared on the market in October

Extent of cash model privilege: 8.3-8.5 is folded

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