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Two drive model cannot go up card Ou Lade of 3 water chestnut is favourable 12 t
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Model of La De EX of Europe of 3 water chestnut was recently on the price had new change. The 4S store that sells model of EX of heart of Oula of 3 water chestnut in Beijing area through much home, website of city of the car on the net understands at present model of EX of heart of Oula of 3 water chestnut, whole department all can give out 12 thousand yuan cash is favourable. And model of class of 2.4 litres of introductions, because the problem of relevant formalities is in Beijing,cannot go up temporarily card. Particular value is as follows:

The salesperson of the inn that occupy 4S discloses, the situation showing a car of model of La De EX of Europe of 3 water chestnut is at present different. 2.4L discharges the introductory model of the quantity, model of two 4 drive shows car color is not very complete, need to order. And supply of goods of model of 3.0L platoon volume and color are relatively enough, except separate color the likelihood appears carry out empty case needs to be booked temporarily outside, can satisfy customer basically choose. On the price, whole department all can give out the cash that is as high as 12 thousand yuan is favourable, if need to order a car, require pay only 10 thousand yuan of subscription can shift a car after a month.

But relatively regretful is, the model of class of two drive introduction that cannot see EX2.4L of Ou Lade of 3 water chestnut discharges an amount in each inn. Ask about the reason that does not have a car, the salesperson discloses basically is bring about this model as a result of relevant formalities occurrence problem to cannot go up card sale, state respect of 3 water chestnut and distributors all are being handled actively, believe to be able to solve this problem very quickly.

Newest generation the first model that by Japan car of 3 water chestnut and French PSA group develop jointly Ou Lade EX, had produced substaintial distinction with blue heart of old money Europe. Ou Lade EX is a foundation with the new chassis of bilateral research and development, have 3 water chestnut with " Pajieluo " and cross-country technology mixes famous 4 drive to attend world car relay for a long time " Lancer Evolution " those who use is electronic-controlled 4 drive technology is core, carry MIVEC of new generation of 3 water chestnut (alterable when technology) engine. Should say, the Ou Lade EX of new generation already became the luxurious SUV that has cross-country car primary quality almost, this makes it and common SUV more easy distinction leaves come.

(Edit Hao Jun)

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