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Managing symbolize into car civilization gradually oily car of province of energ
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As the ignition of fire of Olympic Games emperor, before 7 years elaborate preparation in one day presents alive interface, we are laborious painstaking effort, go with carry out of people of world of actual travel tendercy this " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games " acceptance, and meanwhile, this concept also pervades the life that takes us gradually, make a kind of habit. Especially " green Olympic Games " and " Olympic Games of science and technology " , each other is complement, aid force environmental protection with science and technology, we are advocated. And the managing the sources of energy that it advocates, protect an environment, person and the concept that natural harmony develops, what also will make car civilization is indicative.

If you do not want to be consumption tax and place of high oil price tired, if you feel the sources of energy and environment and your be closely bound up, if you still hope,oneself child can see a blue sky a greenbelt. I think, a few the following cars can be your right choice.

Power annals

Predict to appear on the market time: September

Predicting price: 5-6 10 thousand

Save oily index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Power annals designs modelling experting hale and hearty in the exterior, a few detail still have idea opportunely. High roof is contributed for space of the head inside the car many; And become warped the space that the buttock that become warped also added boot; Of power annals before windscreen glass is very big, eye shot is very open. Additional, still car window touchs type design, take the function that prevent clip, window of LOCK archives car rises a function automatically, 10Km/h falls automatically lock function. And the power annals that is about to roll out 09 more upgrade and improve through more than 20, make this introduction car not inferior at class A car.

3 compartment edition continues to carry engine of Feng Tian 5A, 75kW/6000rpm of power of the biggest output, 130Nm/4400rpm of the biggest torque. What be worth to be carried more is, the AMT hand that the admiral edition of 09 power annals carried new generation of Italian Ma Ruili company the gear-box from an organic whole, this is belonged to in the fact in A0 class car first, promoted the fuel of power annals utilization rate greatly, the fast oil bad news such as 90 kilometers only 5.8 litres / 100 kilometers, the convenience that enjoys automatic archives easily and hand move the fun of archives.

Biyadi F0

Predict to appear on the market time: September

Predicting price: 4.58-5.58 10 thousand

Save oily index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Whole car line is fluent, flank and caudal union vogue are natural, grille is reached before in design of the face before the net uses, the headlight before cruel of together with dazzle, the tide element such as antenna of lively plait type and fashionable taillight combination, show vigor to move feeling.
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