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Shanghai public agency begins price war of store up car to be about to pull open
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A few days ago, the reporter is visited in capital car city in discovery, just end in the Olympic Games later, shanghai popular agency sells hot eve to begin store up car in car city. As we have learned, the car city of Beijing sold work off to show to glide apparently in August, "Mixed in July made work namely originally in August the car is off-season, what control of Olympic Games traffic restricted car shopkeeper again is truckload content flows, because this is sold generally shrink nearly 50% " . A market personage tells a reporter.

State of Shanghai popular agency nots allow likewise hopeful, "City of car of Ya Yun Cun still sold nearly 200 Pasate to lead drive July, sale tertiary position is held in city of car of Ya Yun Cun. Reduced 2/3 at a draught however August " . A Shanghai popular agency says frankly. Nevertheless, car sale element has Jin Jiuyin ten say, and hind city of Olympic Games car is valued generally by agency, because this had Shanghai public agency the practice of store up car.

"End affirmed height of meeting occurrence sale in September, and be in 20 a few days ago, during Beijing still is restricted to go at only even numbers, of car shopkeeper truckload content shedding still can be affected. Much now store up orders a car, also be to be busy season sprint to prepare, avoid not to have the awkwardness that the car can sell. " analysis of a personage inside course of study says.

Shanghai popular dealer also shows, at present manufacturer did not adjust the sale target that the beginning of the year makes, because this agency makes the preparation of good sprint even, and be in " 11 " eve, will be faced with agency of public of 26 Shanghai of Beijing to carry the situation that Che Shen asks at the same time, manufacturer cannot satisfy the requirement of each agency in the round apparently, allow those who have supply of goods also is helpless to lift more now.

In fact, as stock of each 4S store was used up gradually August, sequel carries car ability cannot be ensured, beijing field has had individual 4S inn to show the circumstance of car be in short supply to appear during the Olympic Games. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, shanghai public agency begins store up car generally adumbrative also move is about to pull open in 92 months price war prelusive.

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