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New youth F0 of the first car: Style Justcool vogue 0 be short of regret
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F0 of sina car dispatch

"The Cool of F0 is not simple appearance good-looking, representing the new fashion of a kind of vogue, vigor, environmental protection however. " stylist expresses Biyadi, "F0 is the high-quality goods car that for new youth the quantity makes personally. "F0 is the high-quality goods car that for new youth the quantity makes personally..

Fashionable: Design vigor interior trim distinctly

F0 condensed world-class car elite, a large number of applying come from Europe's most fashionable car element, it is the car of a high-quality goods that for new youth the quantity makes personally, highlighted the breath of vogue, healthy, environmental protection.

F0 has a piece of enthusiasm, bright U cruel smiling face, the spark of indicative youth, two end go up slightly become warped before grille, cooperate distinctive earthnut headlight, two " dimple " the round hole fog lamp like, the car head of F0 appears to give a piece of cruel and be not broken lovely smiling face. U cruel design is ideal reflected " JUST COOL " style concept, the flank line that adds genteel free, move the rear of feeling to design, echo of easy and practical, around, bring out the best in each other.

Dimensional respect, f0 mentioned dimensional utilization rate highest. Begin from A column up outspread line is achieved in cockpit upper part highest, promoted the space inside the car to the greastest extent. Back row seat but whole is laid, increased to be able to use a space actually, it is common and simple no matter a travel, or holiday family goes on a long journey, f0 can be competent easily.

Act the role of a respect inside, f0 was used in great quantities " circle " element, cruel and do not break lovely, for example dial of appearance of the fission type revolution counter of form of mickey mouse ear, circle and, circular air conditioning gives wind gap, map goes out " vogue 0 be short of regret " the concept that build a car. And contracted and comfortable in the seat that controls design of layout, ergonomics makes a F0 adequately free and easy, move the characteristic of feeling.

The design of F0 is original and practical, detail is in more reveal human consideration. The design that follows appearance of the combination that use formula among them is the one large window of F0: If mickey mouse is auditive,independent revolution counter is designed, move markedly feeling; White LED finger and blue LCD liquid crystal are in a poor light the identifying that realized round-the-clock high definition quality; Of appearance along with the design that use formula, can make steering wheel is adjusted subsequently in the appearance when be being adjusted up and down, avoid to appear indication blind area.

Vigor: Exceed suspension of independence of powerful motive force

What F0 embarks is engine of environmental protection of BYD371QA complete aluminium, function is driving, rise power to be more than 50KW, be model of the volume that be the same as a platoon most. Far also outclass is the same as the top speed that is as high as 151km/h scale model. It is reported this engine absorbed Biyadi the advanced motor such as wood of Feng Tian, Ma Zida, bell designs a concept, come on dependability and energy-saving sex saying can be called is to stand in " on the shoulder of giant " . In addition Biyadi states F0 motor component realized train in excess specified length of 100 thousand kilometer 3 years to guarantee, this is at present middleman and guarantor of domestic car market is repaired period the longest, reflected Biyadi to reach the confidence to this engine to the sincerity of consumer. "Can say, this is one of best engine in be the same as level car at present. This is one of best engine in be the same as level car at present..
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