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Go against vehicle of the raise on city is small capacity to trade into two hand
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Small platoon is measuredTwo handcartGo against city popular

Sina car dispatch after June, like new car market, city of two handcart car enters a tradition off-season. With much two handcart sales volume glides to differ apparently, small platoon measures two handcart to go against city to go tall, make the main trend that two handcart market trades. Be in two ground of Guangzhou, Shanghai, POLO, fly spend

Expert of two handcart city thinks, oil price rises is small quantity the main reason with two popular handcart. The salesperson of company of broker of an old car says, the car that had better sell on two handcart market at present, basically center in 0.8 ~ 1.8L, oil price still is the attention dot of purchaser of this interval that discharge an amount.

   Protect a value high to lead the small car that discharge an amount the most welcome

In prices bullish small platoon estimates two handcart market in, the degree relative superiority or inferiority with each welcome model is trenchant. Concerned investigation shows, the model turnover rate that keeps cost rate high is very high, all suffer buy, sell bilateral favour, trade the amount is the largest.

"I buy two handcart to buy the rate that keep a cost tall, this car is ride instead of walk is used, cross period of time to still can be changed, buy a rate that keep a cost tall, later the convert into money when resell won't be too much. " a consumer spoke much the aspirations of two handcart buyer. And the value that two handcart agency can realize the rate that keep a cost more, be engaged in two handcart trading old Mr Liu says: "Now of sell like hot cakes, it is the model with the high rate that keep a cost. It is the model with the high rate that keep a cost..

The near future, website of major of a two handcart is aimed at market of many 100 60 cities, two handcart and major of market of 2000 two handcart 10000 personage, cars advocate undertake investigating, in the small model that discharge an amount, in fastening a car to make connoisseur and customer key point for the representing's heart with POLO most the two handcart that keep a cost. This year in April, german EurotaxSchwacke evaluated an orgnaization to release the 11 categories, world brand that used two years is secondhand this year the index of the ratio that keep a cost that the car is in Europe, among them, popular POLO becomes small-sized car to protect a value to lead top model with the rate keeping a cost of 68% .

In the whole nation a few two handcart trade the understanding on the market arrives, current and secondhand the demand of POLO is very big, basically be " come to, sell " . A car advocate return report, he is firm oneself a 1.4L POLO sails into two handcart city, the person of companies of many old car broker crowds around immediately, finally this car advocate trade with prep above receives car price usually to finish.

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