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City of car of two handcart VS strings together the brand string together 2 cars
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Model: Treasure comes 1.8T hand is moved luxurious model

Car information: The date that register in January 2003

Travel course of development counts: 128000 kilometers

The brand is secondhand essence of car business believe is in charge of

Buying and selling is secondhand car, most person still needs two handcart business from which pull wires. So, buy a brand two handcart are bought together " the car is strung together string " what do two handcart have to differ after all, after all which more substantial, more reliable, our newspaper reporter is used twice from receive a car to the personal experience that sells a car to contrast look.


Reporter Sui Baolai car advocate will to believe essence be in charge of two handcart center, dest clerk is asked for car advocate after agreeing, the member that evaluate checks car condition, fill in evaluate a watch, registered the relevant formalities of car, gave out to buy the price after 20 minutes -- , 76 thousand yuan. Car advocate express to want to go back consideration. The member that evaluate returned relevant data, gave calling card. Treasure comes Lv of car be in charge of an examination a few days, after understanding prices to the market, express to be willing to sell a car to give believe. After the member that buy examines article of car, check the amount and procedures, with the car advocate signed contract stopping a car. The following day car is successful change the name of owner in a register, treasure comes car advocate took 76 thousand yuan of ready money.

Comment on: Buy personnel courtesy to need a person, have very high professional level, feel in order to trust to the person. The formalities that as a result of the brand two handcart business wants to check car whether all ready, charge whether pay ends, rejection accident car, put an end to a problem from fountainhead the existence of two handcart. In the meantime, because of the brand two handcart are the supply of goods that keeps enough, buy the price to compare market price case possibly instead slightly tall.

Reorganize and outfit

After stopping a car, this treasure comes the car sent maintenance central reorganize and outfit, changed the shake handshandle outside door, hind brake piece, two solid are distinctive the 20 diversiform component such as 195/65R15 tire, undertook rehabilitate of automobile body nick and car inside and outside clean hairdressing, maintenance and hairdressing charge 5434 yuan. After rebuilding, this treasure comes the car takes on an entirely new look.

Comment on: The brand is secondhand car business does not hope by the problem two handcart broke him " fascia " , can undertake reorganize and outfit to car so, charge of reorganize and outfit can bring into car price in, because this may let car sale price appear taller, but after two handcart buyer buys car, can use normally, need not again spend money goes maintaining.


Treasure will be placed into two handcart of this company to exhibit subsequently, exhibit the know exactly about sth inside field to 10 pass reorganize and outfit so and be achieved " new car " actual price of two handcart plain code, choose for the user. Mark a price on the card, those who have this car get on number of a date, course of development, model, new car price and have wait for a project without cost of safe, maintain a road, this treasure comes the price of 1.8T is eighty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan. This company is in charge of dealing with change the name of owner in a register freely to wait, consign is all formalities, and send a two handcart along with the car maintain guarantee manual.
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