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City talk ran new car is not as good as old car sell
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Afterwards of Yang Yin of reporter of report from our correspondent traded with Hangzhou new car last year after the quantity keeps balance, 2008, hangzhou old car trades continue put into high gear. Just go August, hangzhou advocate the city zone sells two handcart 5360, exceed the card on new car to measure 4936 first. And this backside, it is Hangzhou increase sharply of two handcart business 70% , the wind outside the condition is cast fresh into halt... the successive a few months with new car market is low fan different, the two handcart city of Hangzhou is striding swift ascendant passage, and limelight be good at.

   The spot does procedure the Tang Dynasty eldest sister is busy came nevertheless

On Monday in the morning, numerous inn of new car 4S has not greeted the first client, two handcart market is already lively left.

"Sell old car, come mark car " . Hangzhou old motor vehicle trades the banners and flags on market north square is a little old, catchphrase is very bright however. At 8 o'clock half, the two handcart among square trade central controller Zhang Xiaochun is busying, eyelid is a little swollen still however swollen: "Did not rest enough, tired. The 5 works that evaluate a company to prepare two handcart runninged to wade last week Shanghai, one day is in yesterday the market is busy, the car that came to many 20 ask to sell a car at a draught advocate, enter since September, through us platform trades 4 times successful two handcart quantity is last month. Through us platform trades 4 times successful two handcart quantity is last month..

In the morning at 10 o'clock, hangzhou old motor vehicle trades the market manages Hu Shaoxian to be born to drive north to urgently square, "Come late? Have 7, 8 individual contest price, has been this Odyssey bought? " Mr Shao is disappointed and not without be reluctant to leave the ground to be looked at the whole thingly round the Odyssey of the card on that 2005 in square. In trade central office, odyssey car advocate Ms. Shen is sitting to await end product quietly, "One hundred and fifty-one thousand two hundred yuan. " Mr Wang with top offer a price sits to Ms. Shen on. Clinch a deal! This already was the 2nd car that Ms. Shen sells, "I just came here to sell an Ao Di A6 last month. " she says.

Do sth for sb to Mr Wang on of card formalities is Ms. Tang. Ms. Tang is less than 40 years old this year, carrying on the arm a big package, it is to fold the folder that putting data of each change the name of owner in a register in the bag, thick thick do not see below 20. "Busy come nevertheless, had turned 4 clients today. " go up card formalities is trival, discharge cue even, brushstroke bill makes 3 no less than hours, average car advocate peace manage door do not wish to work, had occupational to do sth for sb then on card personnel, had done one only collection a few yuan poundage.

Some earlier year of Ms. Tang that does legwork for the person is familiar do sth for sb on oneself come out to work alone after the business of card formalities, enrolled a person to do legwork again last year, come down one year income is considerable. "A month earns 449, in this in going to be able to calculate only, wait. " personage of know the inside story tells a reporter, trade as two handcart of the quantity magnify increasingly, be engaged in doing sth for sb on the personnel of card formalities is increasing, and scale is larger and larger, it is 9 people mostly originally work alone, there is actual strength now below special invite applications for a job 5, 6 people, somebody is in charge of queueing up, somebody is in charge of change the name of owner in a register, somebody is in charge of develop engine date, each doing his own job, automation line operation. "Do not see them dress is ordinary, trade the amount became large, among them large family year income can be amounted to ten. Income wants than a lot of white-collars tall. Income wants than a lot of white-collars tall..
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