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Great choice "second car" is frequently used-car market
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Golden Week this year, the province second-hand automobile market is very hot. Just got a lot of new drivers license, must take the National Day holiday to provincial capital scouring second-hand car market used car and thought hand. Three reporters in the provincial capital of Nanchang learned second-hand car market, used car sales in the Golden Week increased by about 30% than usual.

"Second car" a lot! Buy used cars by choice large

Honggutan automobile market in Nanchang, a company Wang told reporters: He got the license for months, has long wanted to buy a car, but thought to want to go, or for a used car and thought before hand. He said: "I went to market it, and find four or five million used cars a great choice. A used car do not feel bad as the first car is finally in sight. Over a year or so, technology mature to change a new one! "reporter in the provincial capital of three second-hand car market has learned that with this kind of mentality is also a lot of people.

Province, one of the old vehicle appraisal and evaluation firm responsible person, 9 months are relatively abundant source of cars! This year the speed of replacement of used cars, rarely seen than in previous years. As some vehicles are imported used car market in which there are only just opened the second car for a year, when the run was 52 million license plates prices, prices are now 16 million, just 36 million owners willing to sell to. In addition to high-priced sub-car, like Audi A4, open only 9 months, and now also appears in second-hand automobile market. In addition, Nissan, Mazda, etc. just a short time to market models, able to procure the figure in the second-hand automobile market.

What most people who buy used cars? It is understood that the body is precisely the type of MPV has a special or commercial vehicle. Now the market wide of the commercial vehicles, especially SUVs Toyota tight. Because these cars second-hand automobile market once entered, the price to drop, but the car itself, superior performance, cost-effective, many people who like to travel to Tibet and other places, not an ordinary car, the car, new to more than 70 million, while the open used car three or four years only 30 million, so in short supply.

Why the increase in used car experts advise to be careful to buy a car

With automobile dealers that sell new cars Golden Week province fire, new car market than usual sales growth of 15%, indirectly led to the prosperity of second-hand automobile market. The reporter, after conversation with several car dealers who are aware of: increased supply of used cars, and is closely related to the mentality of the owner. First, many owners have the mentality of replacement; Second, congestion affects the mentality of the owner.

Many people buy a car after the traffic jam began to feel more than expected, so overwhelming, so Tuesday. There are a lot of people selling cars because of fuel problems. However, the car is, after all consumables. Once the car entered a second-hand automobile market to automatically value plunges by. Economy cars like the Buick LaCrosse, last year bought 30 million, just over one year to the second-hand car market value plunges 7 million, 23 million price tag. Cruze automatic with sunroof, purchased last year to 158,000 yuan, a year not to sell, the price dropped to 12 million. The better car, plunges more like a Buick 2006 Royal, 48 million buy now price of only 18 million yuan, has shrunk by 30 million.

Overall, second-hand car market in the province this year, there is no obvious "short season" of the points, but this year the supply of used cars has increased indeed. The rampant selling used cars, industry experts remind owners who buy a new car in time to caution, if the car had just bought did not take long to sell, is very uneconomical.

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