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Nanchang is quiet "phase car owners"
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With the improvement of living standards, with a private car will not be a Shexiang, especially in the city next year will be fully "禁摩", like excessive electric vehicles, fuel bicycle traffic tools that will come out of the market. However, because of lack of experience to look at cars, especially some hard to ensure the quality of used cars, pick a good car has become a problem. To this end, a new "generation of people's car" appeared in the business in Nanchang.

"Insight car" charging 200 yuan

Recently, a reporter on the local site to see such a message. Posted by second-hand car industry first, said there "hidden rules", car dealers are likely to vehicle performance on those not familiar with the "novice" playing tricky. Posted by claiming to have rich experience in vehicle maintenance, through the scene to look at cars, and soon identified the vehicle is faulty, to remind the used car purchases, notes and look at cars processes. Last post stated intention to negotiate the business, required to pay transportation costs 50 yuan, 150 yuan "see fares."

Posted by opening up sources of revenue through the network, a move both fresh and bold. It was also questioned in the post reply, or even second-hand car traders suspected it was a means of self-hype.

"Comparing car business" is not recommended only identify

Posted surnamed Chen, maintenance work in the automotive industry in twenty years time. Chen said that there are some second-hand automobile market in good quality car, but car owners must have a certain amount of procurement experience, or second-hand car traders to play some more or less careless eye.

Chen told reporters that he provided "Phase car business," including the mileage of vehicles to help people confirm that the engine quality is good or bad, whether the vehicle suffered severe impact, whether the body had just been filled, etc., only to help identify the vehicle in his own, will not Recommended models. But Chen said that after he identified the second-hand cars, the quality can be assured.

Market acceptance of new industry is expected to be

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