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Nanchang, Jiujiang, pilot vehicle will be green logo "used car" to raise the thr
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Nanchang and Jiujiang cities to pilot green vehicle identification; "used car" does not meet national environmental standards will not be able to enter the market in Jiangxi; heavy metal emissions from heavy pollution if the local Government leaders will be held accountable ... ... February 5, Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Office, a reporter from the press conference was informed, the Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Office, a number of key work will do a good job of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone "escort."

EIA approval of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone will become the project "threshold"

It is reported that Jiangxi will be this year, the EIA approval as a means of strict control in the Poyang Lake Reservoir and other important new types of high energy consumption, high emission, high-pollution projects and improve the environment, access gate, promote structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, through the "green approval "for the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone into a number of" green "project.

Nanchang, Jiujiang cities to pilot green vehicle identification

With the rapid growth of vehicle usage, vehicle exhaust has an impact on urban air quality of the main factors. This year, the Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Office will work with multi-sectoral development of "motor vehicle exhaust pollution control in Jiangxi Province Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "program").

"Program" after the implementation will be the first in Nanchang, Jiangxi, Jiujiang cities try to implement identity management automotive environment, environmental protection through the issuance of motor vehicle inspection signs, curb vehicle emissions sources. At the same time, will implement the "used car" into the threshold standards, exhaust emissions do not meet the standards prescribed by the state old car, all can not enter the market in Jiangxi.

Heavy metal pollution of local government leaders will be accountable,

It is understood that this year in Jiangxi province-wide investigation in pollutant emissions of heavy metals environmental concerns business and its surrounding areas, and carry out pilot projects of soil remediation, heavy metals exceeded the comprehensive management of the land.

According to Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Office, the person in charge, Jiangxi will build heavy metal pollution prevention regulatory responsibility of accountability and responsibility, where the local heavy metal pollution, local Government leaders will serve as the first responsible person to be the Responsibility.

Reporter saw the quote, many people expressed appreciation for Mr. Chen of such marketing methods, it was suggested that Mr. Chen would be such a convenient way to open the business through relevant, so both for the public familiar with, but also gradually being recognized.

Mr. Chen said he is only to fill the home as a means of livelihood. Whether it will be like "urgent unlock", "domestic companies" doing business as, he said they would consider.

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