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2010 Kaidilake the car exhibits SRX los angeles to open veil first

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On August 15, 2008, general announce subordinate and luxurious brand Kaidilake is brand-new 2010 SRX

2010 Kaidilake SRX

In January 2003, generation Kaidilake SRX is luxurious the car of North America international that multipurpose vehicle runs in Detroit is exhibited go up to appear first, plan 2003 metaphase begins batch production.

2010 Kaidilake SRX

The new model of series is this Kaidilake luxurious and medium-sized multipurpose car, it can get used to any roads almost besides, vehicle tractive capacity is as high as 1590 kilograms, drive car of sensory resembling motile. This also is newest one reveals Kaidilake of bold new design model. It uses the outward appearance with hale and hearty of Vizon(2001) of car of its prototype concept, trenchant edges and corners.

2010 Kaidilake SRX

Regarding first Kaidilake as S is train, SRX also has STS of adumbrative new generation at the same time

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