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Car of international of 2008 new York is exhibited research a report

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Key word: Car of new York international is exhibited Research a report

Car of international of 2008 new York is exhibited (2008 New York International Auto Show) in March 2008 21 - be in center of conference of new York Gu Weici 30 days (Jacob Javits Convention Center) is held, 19, 20 days are media day.

Exhibit can fundamental condition

New York car is exhibited was born 1900, by association of distributors of car of big new York (Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, GNYADA) sponsor, it is the car with the longest, the oldest dimensions exhibits history of North America area, attract more than 1 million person-time every year to look around. With the United States other vehicle exhibits photograph comparing, new York car is exhibited have " consumptive vane " say, the quantity produces new car much, car of press close to consumes the market. Car of international of 2008 new York is exhibited ginseng of about 40 brands is exhibited, what basically include Han of Euramerican, day is truckload manufacturing company and car of home of partial United States change his costume or dress enterprise, whole exhibits an area to make an appointment with 45000 square metre.

Car of current new York exhibits a characteristic

1, American mainland and car of day Han department are strong come on stage, european car lineup is not entire.

Exhibit in car of current new York on, investment of do one's best of 3 big companies exhibits the American mainland that serves as Amphitryon meeting, main body scale is big, new now car numerous, brand is all ready, the home such as gram of Pang the base of a fruit, GMC, SATURN, Mercury's not hep brand all has appear.

This abundant cropland, cropland, day produces this Japan 3 big long-term since the fresh troops that is American market, this fastens Leikesasi, eulogize, Yingfeinidi big days 3 luxurious car is traceable more here, ben Tianfei spends field events of Subcompact, abundant to hold Hako Coupe, day high to produce Denki Cube of car of concept of hair of these 3 whole world head appearance show what car of 3 pairs of big new York of Japanese exhibits adequately to take seriously. Additional, the other day such as bell wood, Sibalu, Ma Zida, 3 water chestnut fastened a car to also release new car and notional car in succession.

In recent years of market of main attack United States contemporary, case inferior the car also is exhibited in new York car exhibited brand-new model. Among them, case inferior the Koup concept car that exhibited to be designed for American market, contemporary rolled out the Genesis concept car that approachs a quantity to produce a model more.

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