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Bank car exposition appears on 2008 channel on the west Xiamen
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Bank car exposition is in 2008 channel on the west it is eventually in the look with ardent everybody, at pulling open heavy curtain formally at 9 o'clock in Xiamen international exhibition center this morning, own brand of the car of top class name of world each district and country together, xiang Juhai on the west, get together Xiamen, the car that developed a wonderful confused to show grows picture scroll, for the sea people brought the car sumptuous dinner with a dye-in-the-wood wallop on the west.

Opening ceremony

As we have learned this the car is exhibited by Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference is sponsorred, get a country industrial and commercial of government of people of city of total bureau, Xiamen support energetically, hurried of trade of city of consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan division car, Xiamen can be participated in assist do. Pan Shijian of deputy mayor of city of Zhang Xiaoyu of vice-chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, Xiamen and numerous the honored guest is 2008 seas together car exposition begins on the west.

Exhibit wave of meeting site person to move

Laosilaisi, guest benefit, stride Bach, run quickly, Martin of • of BMW, Aston, Lanbojini, Weiciman, Kaidilake, a series of whole worlds force of bend of top class brand joins in, yingfeinidi is to appear on the sea first more on the west, ranghaixi feast one's eyes on of National People's Congress; East wind day is produced, masses of cropland of wide steam abundant, one steam, Shanghai masses, east wind the home such as this cropland each are big brand, car of the Huaihe River of the rank of nobility of red flag, auspicious, strange luck, Li Fan, name, Biyadi, river, the brand of own property right, gather together steam rich meets the sea on the west, be just as 100 flowers to contend for colourful.

Most the MG3 of renown the rank of nobility that attracts eyeball and belle car model people

Dazzle beautiful the person that Menlanbojini also attracted hay cutter to look around not less

Appear on the sea first the king that the Weiciman on the west also is person energy of life

Two handcart cities of Chinese serve as 2008 seas on the west of car exposition exclusive and secondhand the car supports media, will pay close attention to a car to exhibit up to date information together with you, also go up to hold the sea jointly with inn of 4S of numerous home brand in the net at the same time the car is exhibited on the west transfer section, let you be in experience new car glamour while, also can take some of material benefit to come home. The detail can land
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