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Car of the 7th international exhibits Shenyang of photograph of Tian Liang of on
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This year in Feburary, cropland of one steam abundant is on original GLX-i and GL-i model foundation, rolled out COROLLA to block model of edition of Luo La motion, before, hind, lateral faze flows board reach the application that surrounds greatly, make truckload look to provide motion to feeling, vogue feels and abound more passion; Among them GLX-S still increased model of intermediate car above to just be deployed, filter cloth cleaning device of the headlight before the headlight of HID xenon gas that takes function of division of automatic water flat regulation is mixed, make safety performance gets farther promotion.

Enter April, COROLLA blocks Luo La is frequency of news of victory more pass, in C-NCAP impact test, COROLLA blocks Luo La to obtain 5 stars class to evaluate with outstanding achievement of 48.6 minutes, be up to now impact test of C ― NCAP is small-scale in high-end car highest notch, prove its outstanding safety performance adequately.

This year in May, it is the day that COROLLA blocks Luo La to appear on the market one year, drive to make consumer is in more safe, comfortable, cheerful feeling is had in taking a course, after afterwards COROLLA card collect pulls athletic edition model to roll out, cropland of one steam abundant rolled out COROLLA ceremoniously to block scuttle of Luo La GL-i again special edition model. It is to be in what undertake on GL-i model foundation to upgrade improved, no matter many sided waits to be had in the price, technology, configuration, comfortable pitch,comparative advantage, sexual price is compared banner at be the same as class model. COROLLA blocks scuttle of Luo La GL-i one of the biggest differentia added special edition and fundamental model namely acoustics of type of the Tibet inside scuttle, automatic headlight and the 6 dish CD that contain AM/FM and MP3 to broadcast a function; Divide this beyond, special edition had GL-i skylight on outer view other and meticulous improved, the most noticeable change is bodywork hind " TOYOTA " , " COROLLA " and " one steam Feng Tian " wait for instead of automobile body label aureate label, still prevent loiter to decorate in car side at the same time, car window is decorated waited for place to adopt plating chromium to decorate, your automobile body looks more refined richer stereo sense. COROLLA blocks scuttle of Luo La GL-i of special edition roll out not only abounding COROLLA to block Luo La car is, also promoted a gender valence comparing on certain level, make dominant position of commodity of COROLLA card Luo La more prominent.

Bear is worn " bring happiness and joy for on the world each person " the COROLLA of the mission blocks Luo La, important place is had in product line of cropland of one steam abundant; Exhibit in this second car in, it will undertake revealing as key model, for the audience comprehensive illuminate the car life concept of cropland of one steam abundant.

The VIOS that appeared on the market on Feburary 28, 2008 power gallop, it is the delegate of economy of cropland of one steam abundant car. Its appearance cruel of contracted, dazzle, extremely rich vogue feels, pass to car tire position 4 horn are pushed, the automobile body wheelbase of lengthen reachs tread, make drive by the space more open; Built capacious boot space at the same time, of 3 compartment bear the weight of quantity, what contain brief cruel life easily is all and wonderful. VIOS power gallop set 4 level in all 6 models, model of GL-S of edition of motion of cruel of the model of GLX-i of edition of dazzle cruel scuttle that includes 1.6L to discharge an amount, dazzle, GL-i model, and the GL-i model that 1.3L platoon measures, made rich merchandise system, can satisfy the requirement of broad consumer diversification. Be worth what carry is, the VIOS of 1.6L level power gallop carried double VVT-i engine, the fuel economy that this makes abundant power gender, remarkable and low discharge environmental protection sex 3 person high give attention to two or morethings, have the travel property that permits with the Gao Shui in level. VIOS power gallop the passion that send out and vigor, exceed the appearance of cruel, economy and dynamical sex pay equal attention to, enchanted countless youths, become them to realize the indispensable associate on dreamy road.
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