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First sunshine car exhibits Gansu Province to was held in August
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The reporter connects Motor Corporation know from Gansu Province be an official yesterday, by Gansu Province Zhen Shengwen changes transmission limited company to sponsor, gansu Province be an official connects a car to sell limited company, Gansu Province steam rub association combines Gansu Province each are big media assist do " cheer Gansu Province for the Olympic Games first sunshine car is exhibited and sunshine car challenge " large series activity will come 3 days to be in on August 1 be located in Lanzhou the biggest.

This second activity is tasted newly with the car reveal, two handcart displacement gives priority to a problem, meaning publicizing " the car blends in the life " the car consumes a concept. The activity joins the real case of city of Lanzhou mainland car, begin professional work of replacement of car of inn of car businessman 4S first, strive is broken mainland is at present secondhand the car trades of the market without foreword, disorder, to join the business that exhibit a car, two handcart advocate the bridge that reached the form of a Chinese character of consumer to have mutually beneficial mutual benefit, make the car is consumed more rationalize, vitrification. Because the activity invites major to evaluate a group to undertake assessment by car business first, and with " 4S " the service of class ensures consumer rights and interests, make this the activity becomes Lanzhou thereby two handcart trade the market specializations, change in order, the vane of standardization, vitrification, also make join the business that exhibit a car this to make a standard at the same time two handcart trade of the market " leading sheep " .
It is reported, mobile field covers an area of 12000 square metre, predict to exhibit 200, show concentration mainland the company culture of agency of each old car brand and brand concept. Because professional two handcart car evaluates division to undertake assessment quoted price (form an overall message compositive system) , by " 4S " class car business runs displacement business (avoid market trades risk) , make consumer can understand the mobile intention that car replacement trades further thereby, what enjoy car replacement business adequately to bring is substantial. The special offer car that designs technically for consumer among them is revealed reach " beautiful car 0 distances " try drive link, more make consumer finds everything new and fresh. Meanwhile, this second car extends the program of add to the fun such as big PK of the sunshine car challenge that rolls out solely, trick-cycling more the window that makes whole activity, make all-around, stereo the car culture that change blends in the life truly.

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