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Chengdu car exhibits: Vane of 2 city of class city car
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-- eleventh Chengdu international car is exhibited first news is released

On July 10, chengdu can exhibit tourism group to announce external: "Eleventh exhibition of Chengdu international car " will come 26 days to be held in new international exhibition center of · of Chengdu century city on September 19, and show a company with German Han Nuowei again renew the contract 3 years.

Although Chengdu suffers earthquake wave of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River to reach, but each ginseng of big manufacturer exhibits enthusiasm to still upsurge, the luxurious battle array that postpone business still powerful. Run quickly, cropland of abundant of Ao Di, Guangzhou parts with 1200, 1000 and 800 of smooth rice super- exhibit greatly appear. Exhibit the high-end brand eulogize that can attract this cropland newly still, Woerwo, Asidumading and Sa rich to wait this year join. The domestic brand of strong development is strange in last few years sail of force of luck, Chongqing, Biyadi increase investment in succession. In the meantime, the car extends held the corresponding period, "Two handcart couplet exhibits 2008 Chengdu brand " will introduce first.

Leinaci shows Han Nuowei vice president, pass collaboration, chengdu car is exhibited had become China at present the 4th exhibit greatly meeting. Chengdu car is exhibited exhibit distinction at car of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, establish oneself characteristic, make " the vane of city of 2 class city car " . (origin: " morning paper of weather government office "

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