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Chengdu car exhibited car of new energy resources in September is window
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-- vice director of office of organizing committee of exhibition of car of international of special interview Chengdu, Chengdu can exhibit Li Chong of tourism group vice president

A few days ago, chengdu can exhibit tourism group and Hannuowei to exhibit (China) limited company car exhibits project collaboration autograph to make an appointment with a ceremony to be held in Chengdu, ceremonially is made an appointment with in the autograph, concerned controller discloses, the eleventh that bilateral combination undertakes exhibition of Chengdu international car, will come 26 days to be held in new international exhibition center of Chengdu century city on September 19, 2008. After serving as calamity the first exhibit, eleventh does international car exhibit Chengdu what to characteristic and window have after all? For this, special interview of our newspaper reporter vice director of office of organizing committee of exhibition of Chengdu international car, Chengdu can exhibit tourism group vice president Mr Li Chong.

   Super- exhibit greatly pull eyeball

Reporter: Eleventh Chengdu international car is exhibited after regarding Chengdu as calamity the first exhibit, its dimensions and showpiece do battle array and car of international of before a few Chengdu exhibit photograph comparing what to change there is?

Li Chong: Exhibition of Chengdu international car has held 10 already successfully, make trade inside accepted " the 4th car of Chinese is exhibited " . After cooperating with Hannuowei especially, the scope that Chengdu international car extends, class, level realized to span the development of type. The car this year is exhibited will have distinguishing feature more, more internationalization. Exhibit by the part that use a car dimensions expands further. Last year 5 are exhibited increase to 6 to exhibit a house on the foundation of the house. Predict to exhibit meeting gross area to amount to 90 thousand square metre this year.

Exhibit what can attract many new brands to join this year, include: Car of brand of treasure of the high-end brand eulogize of this cropland, Woerwo, gentry, 3 water chestnut, Asidumading and Sa rich. Be worth what carry is, current car exhibits numerous ginseng to exhibit business to will increase investment further, expand in succession showpiece dimensions, run quickly among them, cropland of abundant of Ao Di, Guangzhou parts with 1200, 1000 with 800 square metre super- exhibit greatly appear exhibit meeting.

   Car of new energy resources most window

Reporter: From the point of exhibiting model, is the Chengdu international car this year exhibited what window is there?

Li Chong: Rise as the insanity of price of oil price, raw material, and environmental protection pressure is greater and greater, each car look forward to turns in succession dozen " green card " . Accordingly, new energy resources and notional car will make a the largest window that second car exhibits. For example, north America car exhibits the Biyadi that come back winning high praise motor-car of report of F3DM double standard, appear first degrees car of 2008 Chengdu international to exhibit. Biyadi is pure dynamoelectric E6, this exhibits the new car that shine brilliantly to will land car of 2008 Chengdu international to exhibit first together with DM Shuang Xiong in Beijing car, bring a pure and fresh green storm.
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