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Hunan car exhibits: Much money model explodes a minimum price
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Protect Shi JieGTS: Every buy a car, privilege 30 thousand yuan.

China: Roll out car of 8 special offer.

Cropland of one steam abundant: Whole vehicle department can offer a client the greatest favourable service, the biggest make an estimation OK achieve 22000 yuan. Roll out incomplete of a new-style car to be worth set loan product. Consumer needs only head pay 20% , top end section 60% , freedom chooses the way that season is offerred or the month offers, can obtain COROLLA to block Luo La, COROLLA EX corollaceous, VIOS power gallop random high quality drive, can press apiration after buying a car one year at the same time paid tail section or sell the car corresponding distribute store according to the two handcart price that keeps a cost.

   ■ one steam gallops: "In a limited time scare buying is met " activity, 2.0L is automatic and comfortable and automatic and luxurious the form that the preferential price case that has no before two cars adopts spot scare buying is rolled out. Push give 15000 yuan to block whole department privilege automatically. The client that always orders one steam to gallop during exhibition all has an opportunity to participate in lottery activity, favour is smoked so that the client of first prize will obtain by gallop a ton of gas that the company supplies, this to the client will be temptation of a huge. Additional, the client of draw-out and second-class award will obtain the car with an excellent function to carry freezer.

   ■ entranceBeautiful407: Total prices is worth Ranglida to go to 1 million yuan to undertake selling to model of partial set limit to, among them highest the model that yields benefit is as high as 40 thousand yuan.

   East windBeautiful 307: Roll out Laoche advocate upgrade plan, can exhibit in the car on displacement this second head 08 when beautiful car exhibits 407, lowest can realize 0 to pay, the 0 interest rate that can enjoy agency mortgage a service.

   ■ numerous peacefulChangjiang Delta: Every bought numerous peaceful to 22 days on July 18 2008 person, will obtain ready money 4000 yuan privilege.

   Changjiang Delta
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