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South on the weekend car exposition, go in for sth in a large scale import 3 wat
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By " southern Metropolis Daily " fair of sponsorred the 4th car Yu Benzhou end (on July 25 ~ 27 days) begin ceremoniously in Shenzhen gymnasium, depend on the tremendous influence in industry, the car is exhibited the price with lowest, best-selling model, the most harmonious atmosphere, build Shenzhen citizen to be familiar with most with the kindest environment that buy a car, add at the same time all sorts of entertainment and humanitarian atmosphere, will be on the weekend of family go on a journey happy journey.

Shenzhen goes in for sth in a large scale import ministry of car of 3 water chestnut to held water 2001, it is Shenzhen of 3 water chestnut first accredit agency, assign maintenance feature, own central inn, Baoan store, and Shenzhen each division agency. Greatly

As a Mpv, case La Di appeals to to dynamic beg have not at congener product. Case La Di uses the Mivec motor with 3 brand-new water chestnut, platoon quantity is 2.4l. This engine most high-power achieves 121 kilowatt, the biggest torque achieves 217n.m, compare with the Odyssey photograph that is the same as level, most high-power became much 55 kilowatt, the biggest torque became much 11n.m, the difference of data is mirrorred on transport travelling function, 0 of case La Di---100km/h is 14s quickly, highest speed per hour can amount to 210km/h, this is in it is in category car together faster. And these data are broken through to a kind of conceptual is being meant for a Mpv.

South on the weekend car exposition, go in for sth in a large scale import 3 water chestnut royal fulfil guest!

Ou Lade EX (Outlander EX)

Outlander EX serves as brand-new design of SUV exterior modelling is very fashionable halfback, move move is very, present full-bodied contemporary urbanity. Ignite oily jet engine of valve of 2.4L16 of the interior space that human nature changes a design, equipment more, match 4 fast motile intelligence is changed electronic-controlled and automatic / the full-time that the hand uses unifinication transmission 4 drive model. Individuation of Europe blue heart is the modelling of fashionable avant-courier, all-around the human nature of luxurious and top-ranking safe configuration, comfortable sex is changed agile and design, reliable hold those who accuse gender, low oily cost and the price that conform with international to become the market to go up is main sell a site.

South on the weekend car exposition, go in for sth in a large scale import 3 water chestnut royal fulfil guest!

Pajieluo V97 (Pajero V97)

Finish one of the most classical SUV models as banner of 3 water chestnut, it all the time with a tough guy figure appears, just change era 8 every years on average, it may be said of this have a baby born into the family is the thing of one great rejoicing of 3 water chestnut, also witnessed 3 water chestnut with time at the same time to Pajieluo a large number of painstaking effort of pour into. Be in the 9th " Paris, the Er that amount to noise made in coughing or vomiting " in the rally, pajieluo had the honor to win champion with expressing outstandingly, now, the Pajieluo that this head wears champion aureola is about to give roc city people to bring most strong vision impact to reach with brand-new appearance try drive experience. Since official capacity produced Pajieluo 1982, come 25 years total output of Pajieluo already amounted to 2.5 million.
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