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International car exhibits Chengdu to pulled open heavy curtain on September 19
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Sponsor by government of the Chengdu City, the exhibition of car of international of the 11st Chengdu of a week of by a definite date will at9Month19Day pulls open heavy curtain. The lot of collaboration of exhibition of Chengdu international car that the author holds from yesterday makes an appointment with ceremonially to learn, the car this year exhibits the characteristic of more will outstanding internationalization, exhibit meeting gross area to predict to will amount to 90 thousand square metre.

It is reported, current car exhibits exhibit by the part that use a car dimensions will expand further, car of the high-end brand eulogize of this cropland, Woerwo, 3 water chestnut will serve as add brand ginseng newly to exhibit, run quickly, cropland of abundant of Ao Di, Guangzhou will exhibit in order to exceed greatly appear, homebred car makes bibcock strange luck, Biyadi waited to also increase devoted strength in succession. In the meantime, exhibit in car of 11 Chengdu international go up to still will be automobile articles for use, fittings to open car component things to exhibit an area first.

What be worth to be carried particularly is, current car is exhibited still will introduce a brand first the concept of two handcart area. Concerned expert is forecasted, did not come 3 years, chengdu is secondhand the car trades the quantity will exceed new car to trade quantity, for this, to two handcart to strengthen consumer relevant business is mixed the understanding of the enterprise, build two handcart market benign and rapid development, at the appointed time, during international car is exhibited, will hold " two handcart couplet exhibits 2008 Chengdu brand " , the organizing committee also will offer displacement in the spot, evaluate, auction and change the name of owner in a register seek advice etc " one continuous line " service.

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