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In seeing a car large award exhibition of 2008 Hunan car kicks off grandly now
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The graph is the exhibition of 2008 Hunan car that is about to kick off one horn. Sun Yajing is photographed

The consumer of Hunan is awaiting in agog ground; The car manufacturer of Chinese market is awaiting in agog ground; Hundred thousands of car confuses lake Hunan earth to also awaiting in agog ground!

Today, exhibition of 2008 Hunan car (car of Hunan of the following abbreviation is exhibited) allow authority this the beauty of extremely anxious " bride " , opened her mysterious veil in Hunan international exhibition center eventually, strode lightsome and passion the steps of 4 excessive. Did not come a few days, the Jing world beauty that she should dress up meticulously with oneself and the passion that make people overpowering, will conquer here all people!

A goes enjoying the most luxurious exhibit a stage

Current car exhibition with " mid Hunan of round of lake of language car dance " give priority to a problem, around " do have deep culture grade, do have exuberant person gas, do the car that has hot sale to exhibit " 3 old thinking, determination creats the first car exhibits mid high standards.

This second car grand meeting, will bring the newest car science and technology for mid area, the car culture of foremost edge, show the leap of domestic and international newest auto industry adequately. Renown car new Che Zhengji is fought colourful, each activity will appear with brand-new appearance, to achieve optimal vision result, foil better the high grade that gives a brand, each ginseng exhibits a manufacturer in cloth go up to not hesitate financial capacity.

A lot of ginseng postpone car business is according to class A the car is exhibited this (only at present Beijing car exhibits home and Shanghai car is exhibited belong to class A car to exhibit) standards comes what cloth exhibits, the top class and professional cloth that uses Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong or Singapore and other places exhibits company cloth. Be like what Biyadi uses this to exhibit provide and Shanghai car is exhibited, Beijing car exhibits exhibit like providing; Ao Di is exhibited from what manufacturer carry comes over, it is to be used at the Germany that car of brand of domestic class A exhibits to install the standard of the entrance to exhibit formerly.

The success that exhibits to Hunan car anticipates, let each old car manufacturer give this car to exhibit the attention of highest norms, a lot of manufacturer break next heavy gold to make sumptuous dinner of this car altar, the spot is exhibited providing is value millions at every turn yuan gigantic, leikesasi is more exhibit a cloth besides to be in wait for a series of charge, made 10 thousand yuan about a hundred budget. According to reporter understanding, offer those who exhibit a ginseng this to have by manufacturer include day of this cropland of cropland of abundant of Leikesasi, Ao Di, one steam, Guangzhou, east wind to produce, dragon of iron of east wind snow, east wind this cropland inside more than 20.
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