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Exhibition of articles for use of automobile of the 7th China
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Time: 2008-8 month 15 days - 17 days
Place: Exhibition of Shanghai light big international discusses a center
Cloth extends time: On August 13, 2008 - 14 days
Report for duty time: On August 13, 2008 - 14 days

Ginseng postpone technological process:
1, fill in ginseng extend an agreement, sign to be faxed after affix one's seal or mail to the organizing committee.
2, exhibit charge to collect by formulary general ginseng assign Zhang number to the organizing committee, fax remittance bottom sheet to the organizing committee.
3, 100 words brief introduction of or so company, 100 words control new product to introduce hair mail to, use at proceedings of a conferences to be publicized freely. (note: English content is offerred by the enterprise, entrust sponsor square interpreter to need to pay fee separately. )
4, after the organizing committee gets total money, mail " exhibit confirm letter " , " ginseng exhibit a guideline " reach relevant data to give ginseng exhibit an unit.

The standard exhibits a configuration:
1, carpet
2, Chinese and English lintel board: High 25cm (English has exhibit business to offer)
3, extend a date
4, lamp of two long arms
5, clapboard: High 250cm, usable height 246cm
6, one piece negotiates desk
7, two fold chair
8, an electrical outlet: 220V

Ginseng extend range:
A. Hairdressing nurses things
Glass of clear lotion of bright clean agent prevents cleaner of glair of car candle car mist agent glass repairs diaphragm of face of lacquer of agent car lacquer to accumulate carbon snow of clean cold intermediary is planted antirust of lube additive lubricant fights cistern of fluid of brake of cooling fluid of antifreeze of improver of synergist of the antiseptic that wear a lotion to fill leakage

B. Product of car environmental protection
Oxygen perfume of smooth accelerant of dispel flavour agent fumes clarifier of air of air purifier deodorant sweet implement fume balm to prevent bewildered lens

C. Car interior trim
Steering wheel of floor of car of carpet of car of seat cushion of flax of seat cushion of Yang Jianrong of seat of car seating car covers foot of glue of ground of back cushion cushion for leaning on to fill up wood of peach of the discharge in curtain sky to act the role of a towel of paper of explosion proof film glasses of box hand frame wears heat preservation
D. Car exterior trim
Glue of edge of electrostatic belt door prevents license plate bumping into glue to wear see a hand of lamp cold mating plate buckle prevent delimit film
E. Field things
Roof of steam of box of top of tent sunshade car wears tire to hit pump car to wrap compass of sleeping bag of chair of fold of bed of fold desk fold with kit emergency treatment

Ginseng extend the price:

The price

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